The AeroGeeks Holiday Gift Guide

It’s the most wonderful time of year—time to shop for your favorite triathlete while dropping some hints to your family about your own holiday wish list! There are plenty of great options out there, and the team at AeroGeeks has a few suggestions to help. Here are some of our top picks for the holidays.

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The Stocking Stuffers – 25$ or under

TriSwim – $6.95 – $8.50


The TriSwim line (shampoo, conditioner and body wash) is a winner of our AeroGeeks Approved award, and for good reason. If you don’t want to smell like sweat and chlorine after you get into the office this is the product for you. We took an in-depth look at TriSwim in February (here), and since then this product can still be found in the bathrooms of all our editors – a ringing endorsement if we’ve ever heard one!

Leg Lube – $8.95


In this sport, shaved legs are a norm. And while we’ve tried other shave gels, shower gels, and soap, Leg Lube was definitely one of the best we’ve used in a while. We were first introduced to Leg Lube at Interbike, and we’ve been using it ever since. This product performs exactly as advertised—it reduces drag, nicks, razor burn, and dry skin. What’s more, you can use it both in and out of the shower. Make your legs happy again!

GU Energy Gels – $11.60 for 8


When you’re on your last legs, knowing you have nutrition that actually tastes good makes all the difference. In every AG editor’s bento box you’ll find a GU Energy Gel – not just because we appreciate the boost it gives us, but because we all legitimately love the flavors. GUs big flavor this year was their Salted Caramel, and while we thoroughly enjoyed it, we have to say that we all have our favorites. Some members of our team consistently reach for Peanut Butter and Chocolate. Who can go wrong with that flavor combo?! The Peanut Butter tastes like its been scooped right out of the jar, and the chocolate tastes more like cake frosting then gel. Yum! It’s the perfect stocking stuffer for any athlete. Just drop a few in each of your friends’ and family’s stockings; they will definitely appreciate it.

Road ID Sport – $15.99


Triathletes and cyclists alike spend countless hours alone on some pretty lonely roads. If the worst should ever befall you, it is going to be important that a first responder can obtain all of your vital information. This is where RoadID plays an essential role—providing all of your essential information in a comfortable, easy-to-wear product. We covered the entire RoadID line in May here and here. You can get a RoadID Sport (the AeroGeeks go-to RoadID for training) for $19.99 ($15.99 if you order by 11/24). For those looking for a well-meaning gift for a loved one – this is a perfect option.

Hoo Ha Ride Glide – $19.95

Hoo Ha

This is the perfect gift for the female athletes in your life (although it works just as well for the men, too). Everyone wants to feel their best in the saddle, and saddle sores and friction are definitely not going to accomplish that. Hoo Ha Ride Glide is meant to protect, well…your hoo ha…from saddle sores, chafing, friction burns, irritation, and inflammation. Hoo Ha Ride Glide is also antibacterial and enriched with essential oils like tea tree and peppermint. Give the gift of comfort to your favorite lady cyclist. No doubt they’ll be incredible thankful if they’ve never given this product a try.

Gifts for Co-Workers and Friends – $50

SpeedFil Z4 Cage – $39.95


What’s that you say? Your office mate has been complaining that they need a BTA cage that also allows them to easily mount a computer? They’re going to be ecstatic when you gift them a new Speedfil Z4 cage. For $39.95 you get a complete BTA cage with an included computer mount (Garmin optimized). If they already own a Speedfil A2, spring for the Z4+ version which adds the nonslip strap and tube clip (which we are huge fans of).

Torhans VR Bottle – $39.96

watermarked-2013-08-10 10.32.45

No room to fit a saddle bag behind your single bottle rear cage? Ride buddies constantly bumming tubes off of you when they “forget” to pack a flat kit of their own? Get them a Torhans VR bottle that they can easily convert to tool carrier. Virtually no aero penalty and plenty of room to carry everything you need to get through a few minor ride-related issues.

XLAB Training Strobes – $45.95

XLAB Training

While we have only been riding with the XLAB Training Strobes for a short time now, we are already quite infatuated with them. For the first time we can remember, we have found lights that easily fit onto an aero seat post or base bar. What’s more – these lights are incredibly bright. Our training partners have told us how easy it is to pick out our bikes both day and night. The strobes take 2 AAA batteries each (supplied with the lights) and can be mounted in just a few minutes. For anyone looking to ride safer – these are the ticket.

MyTriRack Transition Rack – $49.99


We took a look at the MyTriRack transition rack in October (here) and walked away wondering how every triathlete does not already have one of these in their garage. For just $49.95 you get a transition rack that can help produce a significant improvement in your times and increased confidence in T1 and T2. In all honesty we don’t know may other products that can have such a big impact on your race for this low of a price. We consider it to be one of the perfect holiday gifts for triathletes for the upcoming 2014 season.

Gifts for that Someone Special – $100

Hawk Racing Bottom Bracket – $89 (BB30)


Like butter – that’s how we describe riding with a Hawk Racing bottom bracket. When we reviewed Hawk’s BB30 in the spring we simply could not stop raving about the performance of the bottom bracket. Hawk’s brackets may not be ceramic, but has shown that Hawk’s technology is one of the most efficient bearings on the market and readily beats all but its most extreme (and most expensive) competitors out there. For $89 this is a present that any loved one is going to appreciate (just make sure to know what BB their bike takes before ordering).

WheelBuilder AeroJacket – $98.95


Have a loved one looking for a disc but not willing to drop the $600-plus for one? Surprise them with an AeroJacket disc cover from We were quite impressed with the AeroJacket when we spent time with it this summer—so much so that we awarded it with AeroGeeks Affordable Aero status. Not many other items on the market will give you the bang for the buck that the AeroJacket offers, especially considering the price (which as of publication is actually down to $69.99).

Betty Designs Brazilian Bikini – $99


Let’s face it, her swimsuit just suffered 52 weeks of sweat, blood, and tears in the pool. It is time for a serious upgrade. Some may say that a training suit does not need to look good, but the people at Betty Designs would firmly disagree. The Brazilian Bikini looks amazing and still holds up to the hardest swim workouts. Looking for something that makes you stand out on the swim deck before you kick butt in the water? Betty Designs has you covered.

110% OverDrive Compression Kit – $100

white overdrive

Anyone that follows AeroGeeks will not be surprised to see the 110% OverDrive kit on this list. This is an AeroGeeks Approved award winner and one of our favorite products on the market. Combining ice and compression is a winning combination that we turn to time and time again. Every editor has multiple 110% products in their closet and uses them both pre- and post-workout. The OverDrive kit is great for sore shins, ankles, feet, and knees. Better yet, the compression socks work great even when you leave the ice at home. We have done many a run in the socks and just thrown the ice sleeve over it when we got home. A perfect end to a hard run.

Park Tool SK-1 Home Mechanic Starter Kit – $100

Park Tool

Have a loved one just getting in to cycling. Help them learn the best ways to take care of their bike with the Home Mechanic Starter Kit from Park Tool. For just $100 the kit comes with 15 tools including allen wrenches, pedal wrenches, chain whip, and chain tool. Everything you need to get your home garage started.

The Gifts They’re GUARANTEED to Remember- $200

Profile Design T3 Plus- $125.99


Someone in the family looking to bridge that gap from road bike to tribike? A set of aerobars is the perfect step. And you will not find many better than the T3 Plus from Profile Design. There is a reason why almost every bike Qunintana Roo sells comes with the T3 Plus—it is an incredibly comfortable aero bar design that everyone from the newly initiated to the seasoned athlete is going to be happy with. For those looking to jump into the sport – the T3 Plus will help lead the way.

ICEDot Crash Sensor – $149.99


Ready to stop worrying about a loved one when they are late getting back from a ride? Or maybe you’re looking to ensure that your family never has to worry if you forget to call post-ride? The ICEDot Crash Sensor is the one device that will give everyone the peace of mind you have been looking for. Earlier this fall we took a long look at the crash sensor and walked away wondering how we had ever ridden without it. This is the kind of product that ensures that no matter what happens, those that need to know are the first to know. We don’t think there is any greater gift.

TriRig Omega – $174.99

watermarked-2013-08-10 10.31.55

“Perfect” is never a word to be thrown around lightly. So when the only word we could find to sum up our feelings on the TriRig Omega was “perfect,” you knew we were impressed. When we first installed the Omega over the summer we were blown away by its aero shape and ease of installation. But then we rode it and were just plain floored. The brake feel is superb and it has been a long time since we had felt that kind of stopping power on a TT bike. Those looking to upgrade a loved one’s steed (or even their own) are going to find a friend in the Omega.

GoPro Hero3 White Edition – $199.99


Want to make sure that the person you love most has a training partner no matter what time they hit the road? The GoPro White Edition can be by their side day or night—recording what happened, how it happened, and when it happened. We finished our long-term review of the Silver Edition just a few weeks ago and determined this was one of the best training tools out there for triathletes. You can record your rides, runs, and even your swim stroke. The White Edition gives up a small amount of resolution, but that should not be an issue for the majority of a triathletes needs. For $199 this is a great investment, and if you want to record those extra-long rides, spring for the $49.99 battery bacpac.

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