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We at AeroGeeks determine what products we review in a number of ways. For example, we might come across a product in the field, while sometimes a manufacturer contacts us directly. But our favorite method by far is a product referral from a friend or reader.

Two weeks ago Ed Lai with Alex’s Bicycle Pro Shop (A.K.A. our home away from home) recommended that we try SBR’s TriSwim Hair & Skin care product line. This was the first time anyone—let alone the owner of a bike shop—recommended a particular body wash. And to be honest, I wasn’t completely sure if he was implying that I had some odor issues or if the product was just really that good. Regardless, I took the chance and brought a bottle of TriSwim’s body wash home.

I gave the body wash a try after a 50-mile ride, and not only did I feel amazingly clean, but my wife even commented on how clean I smelled. Well, that settled it. Once again, Ed was right. And later that day I contacted SBR to inquire about their entire product line. SBR was kind enough to send AG a shipment of their TriSwim line, as well as their TriSlid and Foggle lines (we’ll be covering these in future articles).


I have been using the products (body wash, conditioner, and shampoo) for about a week following both standard outdoor workouts (run and bike) as well as a swim workout. Every time I’ve used TriSwim I have left the shower feeling incredible. I know it sounds a bit exaggerated, but TriSwim provides a clean feeling that is far superior to that from every day, store bought body washes and shampoos. I’m sure most of our readers have experienced those showers following a swim workout where no matter how much you scrub, you still smell like chlorine five hours later. With TriSwim, lingering chlorine odor is no longer an issue.

An added bonus of TriSwim is that it does not use many of the harsh chemicals found in its competitors’ products. Like many people with sensitive skin, Tracy has an allergy to sodium lauryl sulfate, so we were happy to see that TriSwim does not contain this. Instead, we find ingredients more often seen in products found on the shelves of a salon rather than in your gym bag—Aloe Vera, Keratin, and Vitamin E.

The only negative to TriSwim is that you do have to pay for all of this goodness—about twice what you would usually pay for a bottle of de-chlorinating shampoo  (but very much in line with salon-quality products such as American Crew). However, when you consider that you’re paying for a truly superior product that is 100% geared towards your active (and smelly) lifestyle, we’re sure that you (and your loved ones) will feel it’s money well spent.

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  2. Hello Aerogeeks,
    On a similar note,, i dive at least three times a week. i HATE the itching dry feeling i get from the chlorine! what are the best hair products that restore the natural shine and moisture back to my hair while getting rid of the chlorine smell? also, best body washes? i found TRISWIM, UltraSwim, and Reflect H2O, but which is best? thanks for al the help.

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