110% OverDrive Compression Kit – Final Thoughts

One of the benefits of writing for a review site is we get an opportunity “try before we buy” many of the new products on the market. So when we say that we absolutely want to have at least one of each of the products that 110% is now making, please understand that we truly believe their products are that good.

It isn’t just that 110% makes great products (which they do), but they are also a company that understand that being a good member of the community comes before the bottom line. Their CEO, David Green was there in Boston and actually took one of the pictures that helped identify the suspects (CNN). Now they have introduced a limited edition Boston tee where “100% of the proceeds from the sale of this tee will help the victims of the Boston Marathon tragedy through a donation to The One Fund Boston” – http://110playharder.com/shop/boston-2013-tee/. When Devon, Tracy, and Mike started AeroGeeks, one of the goals was to help further the community; companies like 110% share our goals.

110 Shirt

The OverDrive Compression Kit

In our first article (http://aerogeeks.com/2013/03/22/110-overdrive-compression-kit-first-look/) we described how the OverDrive Compression Kit acts as a mobile ice bath by combining compression socks with easy to wear ice packs. No longer do you need to tape giant bags of ice to your legs after a hard workout or race, or skip the ice all together to avoid the hassle. The OverDrive kit comes with compression socks, ice sleeves (to hold the ice packs), multiple icepacks that can be cut down to size, and a thermal bag that can keep the icepacks cool for up to six hours.

white overdrive

We covered the kit in its entirety pretty well in the first ride article. As a kit the combination of ice plus compression is a huge win. You wear the socks for the workout, come home and put the sleeves + ice on; it’s that simple. Once you have iced for the proper period, you can pull the ice and sleeve off and leave the socks on for as long as you want, they are that comfortable, and are easily the most comfortable compression sock we have worn to date. We would recommend taking off the ice sleeves once you are done icing, we continued to notice a small amount of chafing around the back of the sleeve when we wore the sleeves with no icepacks.

overdrive black ice

Following the first article we started to use the 110% compression socks as a standalone compression sock. As we mentioned the sock contains anti-chafe padding on the ball of the foot as well as the ankle and is made from a moisture wicking material that works well. We wore them for both workouts and recovery and were quite impressed. They have comfortable toe box sections that are not overly tight. More importantly, despite their excellent compression they are incredibly easy to get on and off. Mike often has mentioned how he preferred calf compression over full socks due to the ease of calf compression; the 110% socks completely nullify that complaint. The socks are sold standalone and are priced slightly above others on the market (http://110playharder.com/shop/mercury-compression-sox-black/). However we wouldn’t go any other way than recommend the full kit, the Ice is worth it.

Final Thoughts

110% is a great company making a fantastic product. The OverDrive Compression kit goes beyond anything we have seen from the industry when it comes to surpassing the current state of compression innovation. It wouldn’t surprise us to see other manufacturers of compression introduce their own Ice technology; however the quality of 110%’s product will keep them near the top of the pile. The highest compliment is to say that a product can be found in our personal garages, and 110%s compression products can absolutely be found in ours.



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