RoadID Part 2 – Which RoadID

In our first article (here) we covered why you should be wearing at least one RoadID during your workouts. Today’s post will cover which RoadID would best suit your needs. Based on the AeroGeek team’s personal experiences, we have narrowed down our recommendations to the following four RoadID products: the Wrist ID SportWrist ID EliteWrist ID Slim and Ankle ID. We chose to avoid the products that attach to your shoes since we are concerned a first responder may immediately remove them and not realize that important identification information is attached. Additionally, we looked at these products from not just a workout perspective, but a life perspective as well.

The RoadID Options

Wrist ID Sport

The Wrist ID Sport is probably the most well-known RoadID product and is likely the most durable. The Sport uses a tough fabric band with a Velcro closure and is designed to hold up against both chlorine and salt water (so taking it into the pool is no problem). The ID plate can hold six lines of text. The Sport can also serve as an Interactive ID. This is the RoadID product that every member of the AeroGeeks team owns, and we never head out the door for a workout or race without it.

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Wrist ID Elite

We consider the Wrist ID Elite to be a more “dressed up” version of the Sport. Instead of a fabric band and Velcro closure, the Elite offers a silicone band with a watch-style buckle. Like the Sport, you get six lines of laser-engraved text or the Interactive ID feature. This is the RoadID that you can wear around town and even to the office.


Wrist ID Slim

The Wrist ID Slim is RoadID’s version of the silicon bands popularized by LiveStrong. It is the smallest and easiest to wear of the RoadIDs we reviewed. Due to the size of the Slim, you are limited to just five lines of text. Despite its size, the Slim still offers an interactive option. Like the Elite, the Slim can be worn every day—just like any another bracelet. Our only concern with the Slim is that—due to the lightweight nature of the band itself—the engraved plate tends to end up on the bottom of your wrist. Therefore we feel it’s possible for the Slim to look more like a random silicon band—not a lifesaving emergency identification tool.

Slim_Front (1)

Ankle ID

The Ankle ID is the ankle version of the Wrist ID Sport, a workout oriented RoadID. You get six lines of text that can be used for either custom text or as an interactive ID. Similar to a triathlon ankle chip strap, the ankle ID uses neoprene against the skin with Velcro holding it in place. The only drawback we found with the Ankle ID is that it only comes in four colors (red, black, blue, and pink)—none of which stand out as much as the yellow, which can be found in many of RoadID’s other products.

TimingChip (1)

What We Wear

In our first article we mentioned how the rule for AeroGeeks is two IDs for all workouts—one with custom text to help first responders, and another interactive ID to help if any of us were to be treated in the hospital. Out two IDs of choice are the Wrist ID Sport and Ankle ID. We feel that this combination provides us with the most effective coverage possible.

Final Thoughts

Again, we whole heartedly believe that every time you leave the house for a workout, you should be wearing some sort of identification. Of course that ID does not need to be a RoadID; however, we love RoadID’s products and feel that they provide you with everything you need in a comfortable, easy-to-wear ID that we sport every day.

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