2-21-2016 WiR

It is always awesome to see new comers start in endurance sports. The thrill of that first race can only be experienced once – and looking at the sea of smiling faces sporting Princess finishing medals at Disney this weekend was an absolute blast. A big congrats to everyone that finished any race this weekend, and if this was your first – may each and every one continue to put a smile on your face.


And speaking of smiles, do you have a great picture you want to share with the world?  Awesome AeroGeeks is for you to share the most important piece of equipment you have – you! Check out our new Awesome AeroGeeks gallery on Facebook.  And for those who are new to AeroGeeks.com, one of our favorite ways to showcase our readers has always been our Readers’ Rides album on Facebook. You can check out our entire Readers’ Rides collection at http://on.fb.me/12jEqE3.

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This Week’s Posts

Monday – Zipp Speed Box Frame Bags – Review

Tuesday – Coeur Long Sleeved Jersey – Review

Wednesday – U.S. Patent No 8,888,195, HED Cycling, Specialized, and why you should care, SRAM eTap BlipGrops and BlipClamps – First Look

Thursday – DERMASPORT Skincare – Review

Silca Interview

Any regular reader of AeroGeeks knows that we are big fans of Silca’s products. Lets just call it like it is – we practically lust over them. To date every one we tried would find a very happy home not just at AeroGeeks HQ, but in any of our editors’ personal garages as well. That’s why we so enjoyed BikeRumor’s interview with Silca’s Josh Poertner this week. And while we ourselves have spent many hours on the phone and at Interbike chatting with him, we hadn’t even heard some of the great stories he shared with BikeRumor. Definitely worth a read.


DERMASPORT Discount Code

This week Tracy, our multisport editor, shared her thoughts on the new DERMASPORT skincare line from SBR. Wrapping up, she said:

Overall, we walked away big fans of the entire DERMASPORT line. The products worked as designed (probably better than we really expected in the case of the eye cream), and the entire kit lasted us about two months. That’s longer than a typical bottle of face wash would usually last us, which is likely due to the fact that we have to use about half the product than we normally would have. In fact, we had to use so little of the eye cream that we actually still have a good amount left.

But if you are anything like us, the first place that you want to put money into is your bike, and the only time you would think about spending $94 on skincare is when your face looks like a used baseball glove. We get that. Which is why we were so pumped when DERMASPORT shared a discount code with all the AeroGeeks out there. Head on over to https://www.sbrsportsinc.com/collections/dermasport and use the code AERODERMAS to save 45% on your order.


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