Coeur Long Sleeved Jersey – Review

We’re getting to the end of our time for cold-weather gear reviews, but we still had a chance to get one more ride in with Coeur’s women’s long sleeved cycling jersey.


We spent some time getting to know Coeur last fall—needless to say we were big fans then, and still are now. The long sleeved jersey is super-soft and comfortable thanks to the thick-brushed twill fabric that also helps act as a barrier between your skin and the wind. When our multisport editor first tried it on, she described the inside of the jersey as feeling like her favorite comfy sweatshirt. That’s definitely not a bad thing, especially when you’re trying to convince yourself to leave that warm, comfy sweatshirt and go for your ride.


Not only was the fabric soft to the touch, but it was also incredibly flexible. Long sleeves can sometimes feel restrictive, but that definitely wasn’t the case with the Coeur jersey. We didn’t feel limited in movement in anyway.


The jersey’s outer fabric has a slight sheen to it, which looked especially sharp in the black and red combination we tested. If red isn’t going to compliment your bike, the jersey is also available in black and pink as well as blue and black.


Coeur is known for constructing their apparel for the female athlete, and this jersey is no exception. The cut was perfect—form fitting and full-zip with just enough room underneath for a light base layer for added warmth. We wore the jersey during rides in temperatures ranging from the low 50’s up to the 60’s. We were perfectly comfortable for a 50-mile ride that began at 54 degrees.


Our multisport editor also loved the fact that the jersey’s torso area seemed a touch longer than most. At 5’9”, jerseys can sometimes ride up, which is especially unwanted in colder weather. The jersey’s silicon grippers also ensured that everything stayed exactly where it was supposed to. The extra torso length also meant great pocket storage. The jersey offers three extra-deep pockets, and we can definitely vouch for that. We were able to carry an iPhone in a weatherproof case, extra gels, a spare tube, and we still had room to spare!


If you’re looking for an all around great long sleeved jersey to get you through your remaining winter/early-spring rides, we’d highly recommend the Coeur long sleeved jersey. Not only is it extremely comfortable and easy to wear, but the price is right at about $99.

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