Zipp Speed Box Frame Bags – Review

Triathletes are known for creating all kinds of innovative storage hacks on their bikes, but even for the most creative among us, there’s only so much electrical tape and Zip Ties can do. And for moments like these, that’s when the Zipp Speed Box Frame Bags can come in handy.


Available in three different sizes (1.0, 2.0, and 3.0) for $30 each, the Frame Bags are Zipp’s take on the traditional bento box. They’re built using solid molded EVA construction, which means that the box won’t be flapping around in the breeze. They’re also designed with water-resistant seam-sealed zippers and a molded Zipp zipper tab, which all helps to keep your nutrition (or anything else you choose to take along for the ride) safe, dry, and easily accessible.


The bag attaches to your top tube and head tube using a three-point Velcro® strap attachment, which did the job perfectly. The bag stayed put and out of the way, which is much more than we can say for traditional bento boxes that can shift around and quickly become more of an annoyance than anything. Speaking of annoyances, we’ve also never been a fan of the way bento boxes look on our frames. Sure, they serve an important purpose when it comes to storing your nutrition or multi-tool, but we have a hard time getting past their bulky nature. Not so with the Frame Bags. Yes, you still see it there, but it looks sleek and clean tucked against your frame—not a bulky eyesore.


We’ve been riding with the 1.0 bag on our Specialized Shiv test bike since late last summer, which allowed us to fit about 3-4 gels at a time. It’s seen its fair share of use during countless training rides and races, which have included a good number or rain showers as well. Needless to say the box has held up perfectly.


If you’re looking for a storage solution that won’t slow you down (or get on your nerves), we’d highly recommend giving Zipp’s range of Speed Box Frame Bags a second look.

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