DERMASPORT Skincare – Review

If you’re an avid AG reader (and really, who isn’t?!), then you may remember our First Look at SBR’s hair and skincare products. We’ve been big fans of SBR’s shampoo and conditioner ever since, so we were stoked to try their newest product, the DERMASPORT skincare line—created specifically for athletes who are hard on their skin.

DSC_0029SBR understands that athletes expose their skin to harsh elements like sun, sweat, dirt, debris, chlorine, salt, wind, as well as extreme heat and cold. And we all know that, over time, those elements can start to wear on your skin, causing irritation, redness, dryness, uneven skin tone, and more. The worst part? While this type of damage can accelerate the signs of aging, most of us tend to neglect our skin—rarely giving it a second thought. Thankfully, SBR thought it was time to help athletes take better care of their skin with products created especially for us.


DERMASPORT is a 4-step daily skincare routine that covers everything from cleansing to anti-aging protection. For those among us who have never gone above a quick face wash, four steps may seem like a bit much. But trust us, it was easy. The whole process takes just a few minutes, and each bottle in the DERMASPORT line is numbered. So no matter how tired or rushed you are, just follow the numbers.

A complete DERMASPORT kit goes for $94 and includes:

  • 1 Athletic Face Wash (normal to oily or dry skin formula)
  • 1 Athletic Clarifying Spray Toner
  • 1 Athletic Age Defense Moisturizer
  • 1 Athletic Multitasking Eye Cream

The kit comes in a zippered travel bag and each bottle locks, which makes it easy for toting with you to the gym or on the road.

DSC_0038Our favorite products in the DERMASPORT line would have to be the face wash and eye cream, hands-down. We tested the face wash designed for normal to oily skin, and the first thing we noticed was the refreshing scent. But the best part was how effectively the face wash powered through anything from sunscreen and salt to chlorine, sweat, and dirt. We typically have to wash our face at least two—maybe three—times to get layers of sunscreen and grime off our faces. Not so with the DERMASPORT face wash.  A quick wash (usually about 15 – 20 seconds) was all it took. Not only was that a time saver during the morning rush (or when you just feel like crawling into bed after a long day), but because we only had to wash up once, we also ended up using much less product. That’s a win in our book! Also, our face felt great after using it—never dry or irritated.

The eye cream was also a favorite because… well, it really worked! We’ve never been the type to use eye cream. In all honesty, we never really believed in the stuff. Needless to say, we were a little skeptical. However, we also knew that the skin under our eyes could probably use some help. After using the cream for two months, we can see a definitely reduction in the appearance of dark circles and puffiness under our eyes. Plus, it’s pretty refreshing to apply it after a long day in the sun.


Overall, we walked away big fans of the entire DERMASPORT line. The products worked as designed (probably better than we really expected in the case of the eye cream), and the entire kit lasted us about two months. That’s longer than a typical bottle of face wash would usually last us, which is likely due to the fact that we have to use about half the product than we normally would have. In fact, we had to use so little of the eye cream that we actually still have a good amount left.

While we know you’d probably rather put that $94 toward something new for your bike, don’t forget to take care of the most important piece of equipment—you! We’d highly recommend giving the DERMASPORT line a try. It’s made for athletes and doesn’t require an entire instruction sheet to figure out. Just follow the numbers and you’re on your way to taking better care of your skin. How much easier can it get?

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