Kona 2013 – The Winning Rides

Analyzing the bikes under the men’s and women’s champions you see similarities in design but very different execution between the two. Rinny and Van Leirde both rode UCI illegal frames to victory helping to hopefully further push frame manufacturers to keep building frames specifically for triathlon. Both frames had hydration mounted via a rear saddle mount, a BTA setup and a tube mounted bottle (both were using standard bottles on a down\seat tube mount). Van Leirde used deep wheels both front and back while Rinny appears to have gone with a staggered set. Due to their sponsorship agreements, Rinny stuck with a mechanical SRAM Red setup while Van Lierde went electronic with Di2.

Regardless of component choices though, both frames propelled their riders to victory. More importantly, people are already saying that the super aero IA frame may have been one of the major factors in helping Rinny stay close to the front group in the ride so she could catch them in the run.

Check out the full details of the builds below:

Frederik Van Lierde’s Cervelo P5


  • Frame: Cervelo P5
  • Wheels: Mavic CXR 80 Tubulars
  • Components: Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 9070
  • Chain Rings: Osymetric
  • BTA: XLAB Gorilla Cage
  • Rear Hydration: XLAB Delta 200
  • Saddle: Prologo Nago EVO Tri 40
  • Power Meter: SRM

Mirinda Carfrae’s Felt IA


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