10-13-2013 WiR – World Championship Edition

A big AeroGeeks congratulations to all of the athletes who qualified for and finished the Ironman World Championship! We know that just getting there is one of the biggest accomplishments an athlete will ever accomplish, and finishing is even bigger. Watching the race yesterday we were continuously amazed by all of the incredible athletes we saw on the course.


To those who were watching via the livestream on Ironman.com, you witnessed a truly championship caliber set of performances. Midway through the marathon you knew Mirinda Carfrae was going to do something special – but a 2:50:38 marathon (the third fastest of the day for men’s or women’s) to finish in a course record 8:52:14 was downright amazing. Rinny put on a performance that is going to be remembered for a very long time. On the men’s side, the race was defined by the damage done during the bike by Luke McKenzie, Andrew Starykowicz, Sebastian Kienle and Frederik Van Lierde. However it was Van Lierde who had the most juice left to complete the marathon in 2:51:18 and win the race with a final time of 8:12:29.

If you were watching you probably recognized quite a bit of gear on the top athletes’ bikes from our pages. Andrew Starykowicz’s Orbea led much of the race and his affinity for Torhans products was front and center – he had an Aero30 up front and a VR bottle mounted on the downtube (but we suspect he was using it for its intended hydration purpose and not as a tool carrier). Rinny made use of a Profile Design Aero HC to handle her front hydration needs while Van Lierde stuck with an XLAB Delta 200 for his rear hydration carrier. Craig Alexander changed helmets yet again this year and went with the slightly less aerodynamic (as compared to his previous S-Works McLaren helmet) S-Works Evade. Check back on Monday for our full break down of the winning rides!

 This Week’s Reviews:

Tuesday: Rideye Black Box Camera – First Look

WednesdayMyTriRack Transition Rack – Review

Thursday: 2014 Boardman AiR TTE 9.8 – First Look

Friday: Interbike 2013 – The Reynolds Review

Current Reviews:

  1. Reynolds 72/90 – We are working on our final thoughts of the Reynolds but keep finding excuses to ride them one last time. We have ridden many a wheelset here at AeroGeeks but these wheels truly stand out from the crowd. Reynolds 72/90 – First Ride
  2. GoPro Hero3 – One of our good friends was clipped while riding this past weekend. And the first thing we asked her was whether the car had left the scene of the accident. This is the reason we want to see all of our readers riding with some kind of black box camera – whether it’s a GoPro or a Rideye, the goal is the same. However, those who choose a GoPro are going to get a product that can do much more than film potential accidents. GoPro Hero3-First Ride
  3. ICEdot Crash Sensor – One of the big concerns we had was a false alarm. The last thing we wanted our loved ones to experience was a text message letting them know something horrible had happened to us. So far so good. ICEdot Crash Sensor – First Ride
  4. Wheelbuilder.com PowerTap-Equiped Reynolds Aero 72 – We promised you first thoughts last week but got caught up in the buildup for Kona. This week for sure…we promise!
  5. Dash Cycles TT9  –  Devon spent the week testing out our new Cervelo S5 and didn’t have a chance to take the Dash for a test ride. He should be back on the Felt this week. Dash Cycles TT9 – First ride
  6. Vision TriMax Carbon Base Bar and Metron Brake Levers– The Metron brake levers have a larger amount of travel than comparable offerings from other vendors. It took us a bit to get used to them, but for those looking for a large amount of modulation, these may be right up your alley. Vision TriMax Carbon Base Bar – First Ride
  7. Bontrager Aeolus 3 D3 Clinchers – This are our first foray into the Aeolus lineup, and so far we have come away very impressed. Bontrager Aeolus 3 D3 Clinchers – First Ride
  8. Profile Design TwentyFour Series – We had to postpone testing the TwentyFour series to get some time on the S5. There is a good chance that either the PDs or Bontragers will find their way there.
  9. Cervelo S5 – We are big fans of aero roads and felt it was time to do a long term review of one of the industry standards. We only have gotten a few rides in so far, but we have quite a test plan set up—including time with some clip-on bars. Let us know if there is anything specific you would like to see us do.

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