10-20-2013 WiR

There is something nice about returning to normalcy. After all of the excitement of Interbike and then having such an incredible World Championship at Kona, we were quite happy to have a week dedicated to testing and reviewing the awesome number of products we have here at AG headquarters.

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This week we finally got to share our first ride on the WheelBuilder Reynolds 72 with the PowerTap G3. If you had already read our thoughts on the Reynolds 72/90, you probably were not surprised that we were fans of a rear 72 equipped with a power meter. This week we also took a look at Specialized’s new Alias. While we did not agree with every decision that Specialized made regarding the bike, we cannot help but be excited to see the impact this bike has on the industry as a whole (especially in the ways it helps bring more people to the sport). Finally, for those that have been in the sport a while, you know the importance of being able to easy transport all of your equipment to transition – and for you we took a look at OGIO’s new Endurance 9.0 bag. And for those among us that like to cram as much as they can into their transition bag, the 9.0 may be exactly what you are looking for.


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This Week’s Reviews:

Monday: Kona 2013 – Winning Rides

TuesdaySpecialized Alias – First Look

Thursday: WheelBuilder Reynolds Aero PowerTap Package – First Ride

Friday: OGIO Endurance Athletic Bag 9.0 – First Look

Current Reviews:

  1. Reynolds 72/90 – We continue to be big fans of this wheelset and are currently pairing the front 72 with our WheelBuilder PowerTap 72. Even with the decreased depth of the 72 rear, we believe this is still one of the fastest wheel sets we have ridden in recent memory.  Reynolds 72/90 – First Ride
  2. GoPro Hero3 – We did some low light testing with the Hero3 this week – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jphoTKK5aig. As you can see, the 960p performance is more than good enough to record what is happening around you. But grabbing a license plate may be a bit difficult. GoPro Hero3-First Ride
  3. ICEdot Crash Sensor – After more than two months of testing we are finally ready to share our final thoughts with you. Stay tuned to read them later this week. ICEdot Crash Sensor – First Ride
  4. Wheelbuilder.com PowerTap-Equiped Reynolds Aero 72 – We shared our First Ride with you this week. If you haven’t had the chance to read it yet we can give you the short answer – we’re big fans. Great build quality combined with two products we really like. WheelBuilder Reynolds Aero PowerTap Package – First Ride
  5. Dash Cycles TT.9  – Shouldn’t be too much longer before we can share our final thoughts. The big question we are trying to answer is what cage really works best with the TT9. We are huge fans of the complete integration, but you need a cage that can securely hold the bottle. Dash Cycles TT.9 – First ride
  6. Vision TriMax Carbon Base Bar and Metron Brake Levers– Should be just another week before we can share our thoughts on the Metron brake levers. Vision TriMax Carbon Base Bar – First Ride
  7. Bontrager Aeolus 3 D3 Clinchers – The Aeolus is Bontrager’s top-level wheel, and it shows. Quick to accelerate and stable in the crosswinds. A perfect complement to an aero road bike. Bontrager Aeolus 3 D3 Clinchers – First Ride
  8. Profile Design TwentyFour Series – Keep an eye out this week for our First Ride!
  9. Cervelo S5 – Devon spent quite a bit of time on the S5 this week. Normally we would be able to share our First Ride this week or next. However, with all the other articles we have on deck it will probably be about two weeks before we can give you all of our initial thoughts. But we suspect you will find it worth the wait.

As always, thanks for reading AeroGeeks and helping build the AG community. Remember that our favorite reviews are the ones that you suggest. Let us know what you would like to see on our pages!


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