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From the first day we launched AeroGeeks there have been products that have stood out above and beyond the rest. These are the products that the editors of AeroGeeks choose to use on not only our test bikes, but on our personal steeds as well. For the past few months we have been looking for a way to share these products with our readers. From that, the AeroGeeks Awards were born. We have two awards that we will be awarding to products going forward – AeroGeeks Approved and Affordable Aero. Below you can see the criteria we use to judge these products as well as the initial award winners. Make sure to let us know your thoughts on our new awards as well as products you think deserve our consideration.

AeroGeeks Approved

Awarded to the products that the Geeks want to use…Every. Single. Day. If we were stranded on a desert island these items would make the short list of things we’d want with us. We love this stuff.


Award Winners

Product Manufacturer Review
Gorilla Cage XLAB Hydration Guide – Rear Carriers
Overdrive Compression 110% First Ride
Final Thoughts
TriSwim SBR First Look

Affordable Aero

Awarded to products that will make you faster without draining your piggy bank.  We love these products and their economical price tags as well.


Award Winners

Product Manufacturer Review
Flo 60 Flo Cycling First Ride
Final Thoughts
AeroJacket First Ride
Final Thoughts

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