SRAM eTap BlipGrips and BlipClamps – First Look

Ever since the rumors of SRAM’s Red eTap started making its way around transition we have been keen to see how it would be applied to tri and TT bikes. We got our first good look at eTap at Interbike last fall, including the Blips that would make aero shifting possible. And while we were excited about the possibilities of putting a shifter anyplace on a bike you could possibly want, we didn’t quite love the fact that you simply placed a Blip under your bar tape – we prefer a bit more permanence. This also meant that you no longer had a shifter at the end of your extensions. If you are someone who precut your bars for Di2 or a mechanical shifter, you were going to either need new bars (probably not the most ideal choice for most people) or you’d have to compromise by placing the blip closer to your body then you may have liked. But of course SRAM isn’t new to the shifting game, so they have answers to our concerns – BlipGrips and BlipClamps.


SRAM eTap BlipGrips

BlipGrips are the shifting solution for those looking to make a direct swap from a mechanical setup to eTap. They are an external Blip mount for aero extensions and base bars. The BlipGrips can rotate 360 degrees so the Blip can be on the top, bottom, or sides of the extension.


Designed to work with aero extensions (22.2mm), they clamp around the outside of the extension. Unfortunately, while SRAM tells us they are 65mm in length, we are not sure just how much length they add to the end of your extensions.


BlipGrips retail for $20 (Blips not included), weigh in at 57g for the pair, and are available now.

SRAM eTap BlipClams

For those climbers and endurance riders out there, BlipClamps allow you to mount Blips to your road bar next to the stem. Designed for 31.8mm bars, BlipClamps clamp directly to the bar outside of the tape zone, making them ideal for use with thumbs or index fingers while riding with hands on the top of the bar.


Like the BlipGrips, BlipClamps ae available now and do not come packaged with Blips. They weigh in at 12g and retail for $15.


Wrapping Up

One of the first questions we asked SRAM when we first saw eTap and the Blips was when would the accessories and mounting solutions become available? It turns out the answer is February. For those looking to make the cleanest and easiest swap from mechanical (or even electronic) to eTap, BlipGrips and BlipClamps will definitely be part of your solution.

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