2016 Holiday Gift Guide – Bike Components

A bike is never complete. There is always a need for an upgrade. Whether it’s new pedals or a whole new groupset, the athlete in your life is going to love it.

K-Edge Pro Road Braze-on Chain Catcher – $29.99

Dropping a chain is no laughing matter. And if you know someone riding without a chain catcher (and you are in the gift giving spirit) a chain catcher is the present to give. K-Edge makes the best chain catcher we have found to date, and the Pro Road improves on the original with easier installation, separate and lower attachment /adjustment bolt for a stronger design, and a unique curved ramp profile that enables quicker chain engagement with the chain ring while eliminating dropped chains. Give your favorite cyclist piece of mind with the K-Edge Pro Road Braze-on Chain Catcher.


Look Christmas Pedal Giftpack – $79.99

Know someone with a pair of old Look pedals needing an upgrade. The Look Keo 2 Max holiday gift pack includes a set of Keo 2 Max pedals, a pair of Mondrian or red Look patterned socks, as well as a convertible neck warmer.


XLAB Versa 500 – $149.99

The Versa 500 is one of our favorite hydration systems out there, and one we definetly would like to receive at the AeroGeeks secret Santa exchange. The Versa starts with their new telescoping Garmin-specific computer mount. The telescoping mount allows you to easily adjust your computer to be in your perfect position in front of the bottle. The Versa also features an updated bottle with XLAB’s new Dolphin Breather Valve technology to keep liquids inside.


TriRig Omega X – $184.99

The Omega X (and its predecessor, the Omega) have been in almost every AeroGeeks holiday gift guide – and for good reason. With near universal mounting options, an aero design, and strong consistent stopping power, the OmegaX is an AeroGeeks favorite. For those looking to give their favorite mistress (we really mean “bike”) an upgrade this holiday season, an Omega X can be the perfect gift.


Speedplay Zero Aero – $245

2016 was a darn good year for Speedplay’s Aero Zero, and 2017 could be one for your favorite athlete. The Zero Aero features a reduced frontal area and a dimpled, contoured surface to smooth and shape the airflow. The Zero Aero also features Speedplay’s new walkable cleat technology. The integrated, rubberized covers stay on the cleats while you are riding. When walking, the covers improve traction and protect the cleats from wear. Know someone looking to make the move from platforms or toe straps? The Aero Zero would definitely bring some holiday cheer.


Ceramic Speed OSPW System – $459

For those looking for extreme performance, the Ceramic Speed Oversized Pulley Wheel system is where it’s at. This OSPW System features a set of 17-tooth aluminum Pulley Wheels, available in red, black, or limited edition colours and in a specially designed polyamide (PA) and carbon cage. Compatibility covers Shimano Ultegra/Dura Ace (7800/7900/7970/9000/9070) 10s and 11s, electronic and mechanical group sets plus SRAM eTap or mechanical SRAM Force, Rival and APEX groupsets


ProShift – $799

ProShift may easily have been our favorite product at Interbike this year – an automatic transmission for your electronic groupset equipped bike. The ProShift module takes in your speed, heart rate, cadence, power, and torque data (all from your existing sensors), and knowing your FTP and preferred cadence, it works to keep you in your power sweet spot for the length of your ride. The system currently works with eTap, Di2, EPS, and Shimano handbikes (which we thought was a super cool application)!


Quarq DZero Carbon Power Meter – $1079

The DZero is the successor to the Elsa RS we have been testing for the past year at AeroGeeks HQ. And if it is anything like its predecessor, your loved ones will not have any complaints if they are lucky enough to be surprised with it for the holidays. The DZero features dual Bluetooth low energy and ANT+ wireless data transfer, the new Qalvin BLE app and, for the carbon version, compatibility with BB386EVO bottom brackets.


SRAM eTap Upgrade Kit – $1,580

Electronic groupsets are no longer the wave of the future – they are very much the status quo of the present. And the new SRAM eTap is the newest one on the market (at least available for triathletes). We have been running eTap for almost a year now and have been loving it. If you have a favorite athlete running a mechanical groupset, we are almost positive they would love to find an eTap under the tree (oh, and make sure to spring for the Clics – trust us!)


Zipp 404 and 808 NSW – $3,100 – $3,400

Wheels are one of the easiest (albeit most expenisive) ways to buy speed on the bike. And the 404 and 808 NSWs from Zipp are some of our favorites. The new Cognition hubsets are simply magic, and Zipp’s Showstopper braking surface slows you down in a hurry. Want to really show someone you care? A set of NSWs would certainly do the trick.