Interbike 2016 – ProShift

When we aren’t talking triathlon at AeroGeeks HQ, we typically end up talking cars. And almost daily the debate between manual and automatic transmissions becomes the source of contention at the lunchroom table. Little did we know that when we went out to Interbike this year, we were about to find this debate make its way to transition as well. Meet ProShift – an automatic transmission for your electronic groupsets.


The ProShift module takes in your speed, heart rate, cadence, power, and torque data (all from your existing sensors), and knowing your FTP and preferred cadence, it works to keep you in your power sweet spot for the length of your ride.


The system currently works with eTap, Di2, EPS, and Shimano handbikes (which we thought was a super cool application)!


With SRAM eTap, the system is completely wireless, while Campagnolo and Shimano are wired into your existing system. The system is mounted to your bike via a standard 1/4 turn mount.


Like most automatic transmissions found on cars, you can override ProShift at will (say you want to push a harder gear to make a pass).


ProShift also includes a “fuel guage” that takes into account the effort you have already put into the ride and anticipates your depleted energy reserves. Say you had initially set an FTP of 200. Once your fuel starts winding down, it will work to hold you at 170.


The ProShift is available now at for a price of $799. Expect to see a full review in the next few months as we get one in house for testing. And while it may be a bit too late this season – we think the ProShift has the capability to be a game-changing product that will become very popular in transition for 2017.


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