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Tri season is in full swing across the country. Chances are you’ve dusted off your race bike, cleaned and lubed the components, and more than likely purchased at least one new upgrade for it. We want to see it!


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Last Week

Tuesday – Quintana Roo PR6 i2 – Review

ThursdayGiro Aerohead MIPS and Aerohead Ultimate MIPS – First Look

FridaySilca SuperPista – First Look

Giro Aerohead Wins at its First Official Race

When it comes to new products, we cannot deny that results speak louder than words. So when we see a product on the podium at a major race, we take notice. We shared our First Look at the new Giro Aerohead on Thursday. Then on Friday, two of the podium spots from the Tour of California’s individual time trial were held by riders of team BMC with the Aerohead Ultimate perched atop their noggins. Needless to say, that’s definitely the way Giro wanted to see the Aerohead launched!


SRAM eTap Clics

SRAM introduced their eTap Blip Grips in February as an easier way to mount Blips to your extensions. And we happened to have a pair in house for testing. But apparently SRAMs top athletes demanded more – and Clics are the answer.


Clics fit into the end of your extensions and connect to the standard eTap BlipBox. Weighing in at 32g for the pair, the Clics allow you to shift with either your thumb or finger without changing position or grip. Because they fit into the extension instead of around it, they are the most aerodynamic extension options available for eTap.


MSRP will be $110, and they will be available in July.

Wahoo KICKR Firmware Update

For those using their KICKR or KICKR SNAP with Zwift, you may not have always come away from climbs and descents fully satisfied. KICKR has heard that feedback, and released new firmware this week to better emulate the increases in power and inertia experienced during outdoor riding. Hill transitions with Zwift on the KICKR and KICKR SNAP now more closely mimic the actual riding experience than ever before, providing the most realistic experience possible.


“The KICKR and SNAP, with their high-inertia flywheels, already set the standard for realistic road feel on a trainer.” said Chip Hawkins, CEO of Wahoo Fitness. “With this firmware update, we’re able to ensure that same standard applies in the virtual world of Zwift as well.”

Hawkins continued, “as you approach an ascent and begin to climb, the pedaling resistance you feel will be even more in line with what you would feel when starting a climb on a real road. By the same token, this is also true when you crest a climb and the effort required lessens as you begin the descent.”


This new firmware version has also added the ability to control both Wahoo smart trainers via the industry-standard ANT+ FE-C protocol, allowing riders to control their KICKR or SNAP from any display device and/or application that supports the FE-C protocol.


Track-specific bikes have never been our main topic here at AeroGeeks, but if the new TA FRD from Felt is any indication, we may be spending a lot more time at the velodrome. Developed exclusively for the athletes of the U.S. women’s team pursuit squad in their quest for gold at this year’s Olympic Games in Rio, Brazil, the TA FRD features advanced aerodynamics honed from Felt’s track-specific research, as well as cutting-edge component integration developed in collaboration with other leading industry brands.


The first thing you notice about the bike is that it’s left-hand drive. Felt discovered that the old assumption that track bikes only operate at 0-degrees yaw was incorrect. Instead, 2.5 – 5 degrees is what the bikes typically encounter. So Felt built these bikes specific to that need.

unspecified (1)

“We conducted a lot of research regarding airfoils inside a velodrome,” said Anton Petrov, Head of Aerodynamics at Felt Bicycles. “As part of our initial research, we found that there exists a specific range of yaw on the track and that it is not a symmetric airflow. So we set out to design a bike with asymmetric cross sections. With this, you’ll get an airfoil that will work better from one side than it does from the other. And if you have asymmetric airflow, you then optimize shapes for that flow. And the end result is a faster bike. The TA FRD is designed specifically for the velodrome.”

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“Wind is coming in towards the frame from the left-hand side,” elaborates Jeff Soucek, Director of Engineering at Felt Bicycles. “So by moving the drive side on the bike from the outside of the track [right-hand] to the inner part of the track [left-hand], not only does the bike become more aerodynamic, it also helps with moving the weight and center of gravity inboard, as well. Other things like the narrow front and rear hubs and a lot of various small features have gone into the bike to make it very unique and incredibly fast.”

Current Reviews

Catlike Rapid Tri

We enjoyed our first rides with the Rapid Tri this week. The temperatures were in the mid 80s with fairly high humidity. From the moment you were moving you felt air moving all around your head. The majority of the airflow took kplace along the sides and front of our face. We also experienced a small breeze over the top of our scalp. We played around with covering the front vents a few times and immediately felt the loss of ventilation. So far, we are impressed with its comfort and cooling ability.


Pearl Izumi P.R.O. LTD Speed Kit

The P.R.O. is Pearl’s top-of-the-line kit and definitely feels like it. Front the form fit to the integrated radio pocket, you just know this isn’t your run-of-the-mill shop kit. We’ve used it on quite a few rides recently, and its quickly become a team favorite. Our only real issue is that while the red and yellow pattern is great for rider visibility, it’s a little bold for our tastes.


Bontrager Ion 700

The 700 continues to be our go-to light for rides day or night. It’s plenty bright enough to use even in the harshest sunlight to give vehicles, other riders, and pedestrians one more reason to spot you. We also love that the mount that has no issues with aerobar extensions.



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