Zensah High Compression Shorts – First Ride

Have you ever received clothes in the mail and thought to yourself, “Wow. There is absolutely no way I am going to fit into that.” Well, that pretty much sums up our first reaction when we received the Zensah High Compression Shorts. Luckily for us, Zensah’s compression shorts may look tiny in the package, but provide an amazing fit once you get the nerve to try them on. And trust us, we’re not kidding when we say tiny shorts. We got quite the laugh when Devon held up a size small. Needless to say, we didn’t think he would be able to pull them up beyond his kneecap.

Zensah’s shorts are moisture wicking, which tends to help keep you dry during even the most intense workout. This is something we have already appreciated in the few workouts we have worn them. Additionally, while it is still early in our review process, we’re happy to report that the shorts seem to wash very well and don’t hold odors. However, they seem to take a little longer to dry that you’d expect.

One of the few things that did catch us by surprise is that these are a high-waisted short. Zensah does clearly note this in their product description, but it wasn’t until we tried them on that we realized just how high they would be. Keep in mind that we didn’t find the high fit to be uncomfortable. It was just unexpected until we grew accustomed to it.

Zensah Shorts


These are the first compression shorts we have tried in a long time that provide the perfect balance of compression and maneuverability. We’ve often purchased a new pair of compression shorts only to find that they’ve sacrificed compression in the name of mobility. In our opinion, this completely eliminates the point of compression. We love that the Zensah shorts provide both strong compression around the quads and upper legs as well as enough mobility to complete a full track workout without feeling like the shorts are holding you back. This is a big win for those who like to wear compression with every workout.


Because the shorts offer such consistent compression, they make excellent post workout recovery garb as well. We have already found that the Zensah shorts do a remarkable job of helping the upper legs recover following a tough workout. We expect that these will become a regular post-workout option here at AG.

What’s Next

As usual, we will be working with these shorts over the next 30 days. Are they best used as an active product during the workout, or do they do the best job helping us recover faster? We will let you know in April!

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