4/21/2013 – AeroGeeks Week in Review

The industry was very busy this week with not one, but two product launches. First we had the not so surprising SRAM-22 launch that included the very exciting Force-22. Then a day later we had the quite surprising launch of a new Cervelo P3 for which we are very much looking forward to getting a first ride on. We also shared our first rides with the new Vision Metron BB386 Crankset and the Torhans Aero System.

This Week’s Posts

Tuesday – Torhans Aero System – First Ride, SRAM 22- First Look, Cervelo P3 – First Look

Friday – Vision Metron Crankset – First Ride

Reader Rides (aka Geek Rides)

We had two new entries into our readers rides this week with the first being the Felt F1X from @OSPalmer. Secondly we had M.A.s Trek Madone 5.2 with new Zipp 60s. It was initially a tossup between who would get the Week in Review cover but (un)fortunately @OSPalmer won out when his bike was damaged in a car accident just a day later. Hopefully he will have his frame back on the cross course in no time.


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Current Reviews

1. Mad Fiber Carbon Clinchers

Rides are wrapped up, article is wrapped up. It’s in the publishing queue so keep your eyes open.

Mad Fiber Clincher – First Ride

2. Zensah High Compression Short

We have a couple of big workouts left before we render our final verdict but our initial thoughts are still standing strong, that these compression shorts provide a perfect balance of compression and maneuverability.

Zensah High Compression Shorts – First Ride

3. 110% Play Harder Overdrive Compression Sock with Ice Sleeve

Short and simple, our final thoughts are coming this week (we promise)!

110% Overdrive Kit

4. Dash Cycle Tri.7

We tried the Dash with some new bibs this week with a touch more padding. Just as we expected, our concern about padding was quickly resolved. More rides to come.

Dash Cycles Tri.7 – First Ride

5. Vision Metron Crank

Our first article was published this week, make sure to take a look.

Vision Metron Crankset – First Ride

6. Flo Cycling Flo 30s

We published our first look on the Flos last week and already it is one of our most popular articles. The guys at Flo Cycling know how to make a great wheelset and Devon is loving the opportunity to put them some serious miles on them.

FLO Cycling FLO 30s – First Ride

7. Osymetric Chain Rings

We have 150 miles on the Osymetrics and we can tell you they feel…like any other chainring whether it is circular or asymmetrical. It took all of 5 miles to grow accustomed to them. Stay tuned for our First Ride article.


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