4/14/2013 – AeroGeeks Week in Review

It’s been a good week, here at AeroGeeks HQ. We’ve spent time in the saddle, got our first thoughts out on the Zensah compression shorts and the FLO 30s, writing up our drafts of the first thoughts on Osymetrics chainrings and Vision’s Metron crankset, as well as our final thoughts on a host of products, including the Mad Fiber clinchers and 110% Overdrive compression kit. Stay tuned for our thoughts!


This Week’s Posts

Monday – Zensah Compression Shorts – First Ride


Wednesday – FLO Cycling FLO 30s – First Ride


Reader Rides

From the Zipp 900 disc to the Trek Speed Box zip-tied to the frame, A.R.’s TM01 is an incredible bike. In particular, we really like the detail work that ties the whole bike together visually: the red accents on the Speed Box, Rotor Flow, and the derailleur pulley, the Tririg Gamma extensions with upturned Di2 pods, everything about his bike is well thought out. Congratulations A.R., you’re our Reader Ride this week!

BMC 003 (2)



Current Reviews

 1. Mad Fiber Clinchers

We have just taken the Mad Fiber Clinchers off Mike’s bike and are working on our final thoughts this week. Expect to hear from us in the near future concerning these wheels – and see if a pair might be for you.

Mad Fiber Clincher


2. Zensah High Compression Shorts

Our First Ride went up on Monday of last week, and Devon’s been using them all week to help speed up his recovery. Our Final Thoughts are a little while away, but we can say that we definitely like what they do for our muscles.

Zensah High Compression Shorts – First Ride


3. 110% Play Harder Overdrive Compression Sock with Ice Sleeves

Fear not, Mike’s still going on about 110%’s socks as though they were the best invention since sliced bread, and our time with them is getting on to done, so expect our Final Thoughts in the next week or two.

110% Overdrive Kit


4. Dash Cycle Tri.7

For a saddle that weighs not much more than a bottle cage, the Dash Tri.7 has really impressed us. Our First Ride is up, and we’re still not ready to write our Final Thoughts. Mostly because Mike doesn’t want to take it off his bike.

Dash Cycles Tri.7 – First Ride


5. Vision Metron Crankset

We haven’t forgotten this beauty, though it came into our hands a little while ago, Devon’s been working on the First Ride article all this week and you should be able to read it very soon!


6. FLO Cycling FLO 30 Wheelset

Our First Ride is up, and we are having a blast with these. We’re a little ways away from having to worry about our Final Thoughts, but give us a month and you’ll be able to read all about it just in time for Pre-Order 6.

FLO Cycling FLO 30s – First Ride

 7. Torhans Aero System

No Week-In-Review here at AeroGeeks HQ would be complete without some kind of hydration mention. This week it’s the Aero System from Torhans. Comprised of the Aero Mount, Aero 20 and Aero 30, our First Ride will be going up this week, so stay tuned!


Thanks for reading AeroGeeks and helping build the AG community. Always remember that our favorite reviews are the ones that you suggest. Let us know what you would like to see on our pages!

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