5/12/2013 – AeroGeeks Week in Review

Happy Mother’s Day! We can only hope that at least one of our readers received a brand new bike to celebrate how amazing a mom they are. If not then we suggest sharing our first look articles with loved ones to give them the hint.


A fun week here at AG headquarters. We had a first look at the Pinarello Bolide that Wiggins rode for half of his TT yesterday (a flat forcing him back to his spare Graal). Then Thursday we were able to share our first thoughts on riding Osymetric rings, while on Friday we took a look at the XLAB Aero Computer Mount.

We also started two new reviews this week that we are extremely excited about. First was the new Giro Air Attack Shield; our pre-testing belief is that this helmet could represent the perfect helmet for most AG triathletes, something you can use in group rides during the week and then race on Sunday. We also received Profile Designs new Aero HC System which we think could represent a true second generation horizontal BTA system. Time will tell if the products truly live up to our initial thoughts.

This Week’s Posts

Tuesday – Pinarello Bolide – First Look

Thursday – Osymetric Rings – First Ride

Friday – XLAB Aero Computer Mount – Review

Reader Rides (aka Geek Rides)

This week’s Reader Ride was from @DuckieTris and she is a beut. A 2012 Cervelo P5 DA with a Quarq Elsa power meter and 808 tubulars. Check it out here.


Remember if you want to have your bike featured on our Reader Rides page you can tweet us at @AeroGeeks, Facebook message us, or email us at info@AeroGeeks.com.

Links we Like

Every week we come across links that we really like and think are worth sharing. This week is VeloNews’s coverage of the TT machines at the Giro d’Italia. The reality is that whether you are a pure cyclist or a triathlete, you probably find staring at these machines as enjoyable as we do, and when it comes to the best TT machines out there, the machines at the Giro are just about as high end as you can get. Check out the coverage here.

Current Reviews

1. Zensah High Compression Short

Final thoughts coming this week, but we can tell you that our thoughts on the fit and comfort did not waiver one bit.

Zensah High Compression Shorts – First Ride

2. Osymetric Chainrings

Check out our first look article this week. We have no idea why Wiggins has stopped using them since we are already such big fans.

Osymetric Rings – First Ride

3. Vision Metron Crank

We have started to wrap up our review schedule, expect our final thoughts in just another week.

Vision Metron Crankset – First Ride

4. Flo Cycling Flo 30s

Mike is getting the FLO 30s this week, and that should wrap up our review schedule.

FLO Cycling FLO 30s – First Ride

5. Torhans Aero System

This has become Devon’s go to hydration system for almost every ride. A lot of great ideas wrapped into a simple to use product.

Torhans Aero System – First Ride

6. Giro Air Attack Shield

We received this on Wednesday night and already have two rides under our belt. The big question we are looking to answer is whether this is a weekly helmet that can be raced on the weekends.


7. Profile Design Aero HC System

The Speedfil A2 was in our belief the first generation of horizontal bta setups. When we reviewed the A2 we loved the product but felt it had room for improvement in a couple of areas. The question now is, has Profile Design created a product that takes the great concepts in the A2 and improves on them?

Aero HC2


Thanks for reading AeroGeeks and helping build the AG community. Always remember that our favorite reviews are the ones that you suggest. Let us know what you would like to see on our pages!



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