9-11-2016 WiR

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Triathlon season is in full swing with the fall races getting underway. Euorbike was just last week, and we are heading to Vegas for Interbike in just 7 days. Oh, and Kona is just around the corner. For us, this is definitely our favorite time to be in the business of aero.

Last week we finished our time with the Rideye camera and also took a look at just a few of the products that were showcased at Eurobike. Today we have a product update for the Cycliq Fly6 camera as well as another new hitch mount rack from  RockyMounts.

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An Update to the Cycliq Fly6

This week Cycliq announced a small series of updates to their Fly6 camera. And while the the heart and soul of Fly6 is still intact, Cycliq has made the Fly6 that we know and love even better.  Instead of the rubber band type mounts, Cycliq has transitioned to a Velcro strap that brings ­the unit5mm closer to the seat post than the previous model. This also makes swapping the Fly6 between bikes an even quicker task.


Cycliq has also improved the battery. The new batter has less battery degradation, and with the included upgrades to the internal power management, now allows the Fl6 to go for even longer rides.


Stay tuned for our review of the updates to the Fly6 as our new one is already in the mail.

MonoRail Swing from RockyMounts

For those who use a hitch mount rack, you almost certainly know the pain of trying to get into your trunk while the bikes are on the rack (or even when the rack is empty). This week, RockyMounts announced the release of their swing-away platform hitch rack, the MonoRail Swing, and its sibling, the standard version MonoRail hitch rack.


The MonoRail Swing fits 2″ receivers and holds bikes with wheel sizes between 20-29″, with zero frame contact. An easy-to-reach toggle latch releases the rack and allows it to swing 180 degrees to the right.

It also provides clearance for all fat bikes, including those with Bluto forks and 197mm rear spacing. It has a proprietary anti-wobble chromoly hitch tube that’s lightweight and corrosion resistant, a locking hitch pin, and a cable lock. It carries two bikes standard, plus a third via an add-on that’s sold separately for $149.95. Its anticipated MSRP of $529.95 includes a lifetime warranty, as with all RockyMounts products.

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