Eurobike 2016 – A Quick Look

Eurobike was this past week in Friedrichshafen, Germany. And while we couldn’t hop across the pond to check it out, that doesn’t mean we weren’t keeping track of all the action. And the best news is that we will be able to check out most of these products at Interbike in just a few more weeks. But until then, here is a quick look at some of the more exciting product launches.

Zipp Super-9 Disc-brake Carbon Clincher Disc

Ever since we tested the Zipp 808 NSW, one of our biggest questions has been when we would see its Showstopper brake track make its way to the Super-9. Turns out that braking was on Zipp’s mind, but their newest offering was a bit of a surprise. The Super-9 Disc-brake Carbon Clincher Disc takes everything we loved about the original Super-9 and swaps to the Zipp 177DD (for Disc Disc) hub that features Improved bearing protection and sealant and is thru-axle compatible. The wheel comes with thru-axle end caps that can be swapped by hand: 12x142mm. To mount the rotor, the 177DD uses a center-locking disc-mount standard.


The disc brake version of the Super-9 disc, 1175 grams for the Carbon Clincher, retains the light weight of its rim-brake counterparts. Availability will begin this month (September) for $2375, €2111.


The real question now is when (not if) will we be seeing the TT frames built with disc brakes in mind. Over the past few months we have seen a couple bikes announced for the 2017 model year, but we suspect to see quite a few more over the next couple months.


CeramicSpeed Oversized Pulley Wheels for SRAM

While the CeramicSpeed Oversized Pulley Wheels have already been showing up in the pro peloton and transition for a while now, they have been limited to Shimano-equipped bikes.  The OSPW System enhances the efficiency in the drivetrain by removing the sharp chain articulation found in standard 11-tooth systems. The CeramicSpeed 17-tooth OSPW System increases the power savings, starting at 1.6 watts for the SRAM versions and 2.4 watts for the Shimano version. This unique, innovative system delivers optimal gains, unrivalled frictional reduction, and a lifetime warranty of up to six years.

Image 2.

The SRAM version fits up to 32-tooth size cassettes. The newly released system comes in two options, one compatible with SRAM eTap, and another compatible with SRAM mechanical groupsets, 10-speed and 11-speed setups. The OSPW System for SRAM is planned to be available for purchase from the CeramicSpeed retailers worldwide from mid-October. Just as the OSPW System for Shimano, the SRAM version is available with both coated and standard CeramicSpeed Bearings.

Image 3. Helle Frederiksen

Shimano PRO Stealth Saddle

The latest of its co-creation projects developed with Team Giant-Alpecin, PRO’s new Stealth saddle is optimized for comfort and performance under the most aggressive rider positioning. Together with Shimano Dynamics Lab and, a subsidiary of Shimano, a wide variety of performance positions were analyzed and tested with professional riders to create a comfortable Stealth saddle designed for all out performances in both road races and time trials.


The Stealth saddle’s shape is wider in the nose, spreading the pressure and allowing riders to use more of the front of the saddle and remain comfortable on the drops or on TT bars for extended periods of time. The super lightweight EVA padding shape has been specifically designed to take account of sitbone comfort and pressure points in the three main positions – on the hoods, on the drops, and on the aero bars – to provide all-round comfort.


Thigh movement and abrasion points have also been considered with the choice of saddle cover material. The Stealth saddle’s polyurethane (PU) cover was tested with a variety of bib short materials to find the lowest friction rates between the saddle and the shorts. Less friction, less rubbing, and less irritation for greater comfort. The most obvious feature though is the wide cut-out channel in the middle of the saddle, offering extra comfort for riders on the edge. To retain saddle stiffness and power transfer, the base includes horizontal reinforcement bridges, part of a one-piece carbon reinforced base


The underside of the base features ports for new PRO accessories including PRO sports camera mounts, race plates, race fenders, and CO2 brackets. The super-thin lightweight base and super lightweight padding helps to create a low profile unisex shape and, together with carbon rails, results in one of the lightest (172g) and shortest saddles for comfort-orientated performance in the PRO line up. The Stealth will be available at retailers across the globe in fall 2016

Quarq DZero

Two weeks ago we shared that Quarq had a new product coming, and now the full details are available. Quarq has launched DZero, their next-generation power meter platform that combines 10 years of accumulated Quarq advances with new features and a simplified product line.


With a new measurement circuit, a revised strain gauge design, improved accuracy throughout the pedal stroke and software advances built into the Qalvin App, DZero represents the state of the art in power meter technology. Other new features include dual Bluetooth low energy technology and ANT+.  A simplified product line, making it easier to choose and install the right power meter for your bike. Increased compatibility, including Boost 148 (52mm chainline) mountain bikes and BB386EVO bottom brackets. Like its previous Quarq brethren, the new DZero platform measures power in the heart of the bicycle — the crankset spider.


DZero power meters inherit 10K temperature compensation, easy-to-replace batteries, OmniCal (change chainrings without affecting accuracy), AxCad (accelerometer cadence – no magnet), an IPX7 waterproof rating and a 2-year-warranty.


Prices range from $679 for DZero in Spider form only to $1179 for a DZero power meter for Shimano® 11-speed drivetrains, compatible with Shimano’s 4-arm chainrings. For those looking to go SRAM Red, it will set you back $1079).

MY17_QR_FC_DZeroPM_HB_3Q_1200x800.150515 (1)

(And for those wondering – Quarq’s new platform is named for the DZero Experiment, one of science’s most accurate and innovative projects to detect subatomic particles moving at the speed of light.)

New Wahoo KICKR

Last week, Wahoo Fitness released a new version of the groundbreaking KICKR smart trainer. Designed to offer the ultimate indoor training experience, the new KICKR incorporates a new ergonomic design, a much quieter operation and a further enhanced ride feel.


Projected to be the quietest direct drive flywheel trainer on the market, the new KICKR is 14% quieter than the previous KICKRs. Importantly, the new KICKR has both lower overall noise levels as well as reduced noise frequencies making for a much quieter indoor riding experience.


Continuing to utilize the high-inertia flywheel that allowed the original KICKR to set the standard for realistic ride feel, the new KICKR employs updated physics models and new algorithms to create a highly responsive indoor training experience that seamlessly translates grade and elevation data into realistic resistance. The KICKR is now also capable of realistically simulating gradients as high as 20 percent, while producing a leg-shattering 2000 watts of resistance. These enhancements allow riders to get the most out of their indoor cycling experience.


Available for purchase on August 31st, the KICKR will go on sale with an MSRP of $1,199, which includes both a cassette and Wahoo’s RPM Cadence sensor.

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