TriRig Omni – First Look

TriRig and its owner Nick make some fantastic products – the OmegaX and AlphaX are just two of the products that have received top marks from us. But one thing they do better than almost anyone is creating anticipation. For weeks now they have been teasing us with Omni. Even going so far as sharing aero charts, which we spent more than a few hours debating. Well, last week Nick clued us in to what Omni really was. And it’s rare that we are so excited to say we were wrong.

The TriRig Omni

So what is Omni? Omni is the first complete bike from TriRig. Designed with a unique aero design and an absolutely minimal frontal area, TriRig designed Omni to cheat the wind while offering athletes an incredible amount of adjustability.


Omni is designed to take advantage of the existing TriRig product line, and all Omnis (including framesets) will ship with an AlphaX, OmegaXs in the front and rear, a Beta, and two Kappas. By relying on an AlphaX, the Omni is designed to fit anyone from an Ironman World Champion to your back-of-the-pack age grouper. The fit range falls well in line with Slowtwitch’s ideal fit measurments, and can handle those from narrow and tall to long and low.


While the Omni is built around TriRig specific products, it can actually accept almost any standard component in the industry. The steerer tube is a standard steerer tube, though instead of needing to cut it, it uses a unique Hirth Joint design which allows the user to change the length of the fork. Five different Hirth Toppers are included with the frame, providing 40mm of length adjustment.


For stopping, beyond the included OmegaXs, the Omni offers both a traditional single-bolt mount hole, as well as Shimano Direct mount bosses. If you choose to go with the OmegaX up front, the OmegaX’s magnetic cover is replaced with a magnetic front plate, which hides all cabling and creates a seamless front end. The brake remains fully adjustable even when the cover is in place.


At the rear is an OmegaX with another magnetic cover. Like the front brake, the rear can accept single mount or Shimano direct mount brakes.


The front of the bike is extremely narrow to provide the most minimal area to the wind as possible. But the fork itself is bowed out to create as much room for wind to pass through as possible. The additional benefit is that the Omni can accept up to 28mm tires front and rear.


TriRig has thought long and hard about aero on this bike, and chose to include aero-matched bolt-on skewers instead of traditional skewers to attach your wheels to your frame. And if you hear this and start getting nervous about mid-ride wheel changes, don’t worry, you aren’t alone – we did too. But TriRig has us covered with an included 4mm wrench holder in the non- drive chainstay. And included with all bikes is a 4mm pro-grade Silca hex key.


If you are like us and spend plenty of time wrenching your own bike, the 13mm diameter cable routing is going to be a definite bonus. As well as the removable front derailleur hanger for those who chose to go with a 1X drivetrain setup.


There is an integrated top tube storage box for your storage needs. You can see in the picture below that the box itself is built into the frame, leaving a clean look. Behind the storage box is an additional set of bottle bosses for hydration or even a second bento box.


The seatpost uses the Ritchey clamp design, which means it is compatible with the newly introduced TriRig Beta—one of which will be included with all Omnis sold. On the seatpost itself are two pairs of bosses—one sized to hang a Shimano Di2 battery, and the other sized for standard bottle bosses. That means it can handle any of the rear storage solutions recently developed by Trek, Quintana Roo, and others.



The Omni will be available at launch in either a frame set or complete build. The frameset will come with the AlphaX (with the optional Tilt Kit), two OmegaXs (for front and rear), Beta, and two Kappas. Also included is the top tube storage box and the aero-matched skewers (with the Silca 4mm wrench. )It will retail for $4,990.


A complete build will include the above plus a Flo Cycling full carbon 60/90 wheelset with Continentl GP4000s II tires, Dash Stage saddle, SRAM 1x (Rival Derailleur with Force chain and cassette), SRAM R2C carbon shifters, Shimano Dura0Ace carbon aero brake levers, and Quarq Prime ready crank set (165mm). The complete bike will go for $7,990.


Bikes will go on sale today (9/13/2016) for size medium and framesets will be delivered in late October while complete bikes will ship in mid-November. Small and large sizes will be coming soon after. The Omni will come in nude carbon with decal colors matched to the Flo wheels that ship with it (all color decals will be included with the bikes).

Our Thoughts

We definitely called this one wrong. We really thought Omni would be an integrated fork and cockpit. But hey, sometimes being wrong is a good thing. We really like what TriRig has come up with – a truly unique design that will look like nothing else on the rack next to you in transition. TriRig tells us a formal white paper with aero data will be coming sometime in November, but initial results (shared as part of the teaser campaign) indicate this will be one of the more aero bikes on the market.


The fact that the frameset also includes cockpit and brakes will be great to some and for others that like to have it 100% their own way a challenge. But it’s hard to go wrong with OmegaX brakes, and so far we are impressed with the AlphaX.


We appreciate the fact that the frame sizing has been designed to be middle of the road, and with the AlphaX being fully adjustable as well, most athletes should find a position that works for them on the Omni.


The little touches that TriRig has gone with have the chance to have industry impact as well. We are sure that we wont be the only ones curious if bolt-on skewers (with the included 4mm wrench) will be a hit or not. Though when you consider that standard skewer levers themselves are nothing but aero drag, us aero nerds wonder why people wouldn’t be fans.


We’re also fans of the overwhelming storage options. While we didn’t call it out, the Omni gets a BTA solution as well since the AlphaX has bottle bosses included.

Wrapping Up

We really want to get some seat time on this bike. Unfortunately for us (and fortunately for you), TriRig would rather see this bike under athletes instead of getting media attention. So we wont be getting one until the second or third wave of bikes is available. So the next time you see an Omni on these pages, it may just be in our Readers’ Rides section. And hey, that’s ok with us. And until then, stay tuned to for the latest TriRig news as well as a long-term review of the Omni in the future.

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  1. AMAZING. Likely wouldn’t spend $8k on a bike unless it was one of Nick’s. TriRig is bringing back a sexier Cheetah, Falco is bringing back a sexier Softride… old tech is getting a new twist and it’s awesome!

    Can’t wait to see one of these in the wild. Maybe @ Kona?

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