Interbike 2015 – Recon Jet

“Finally.” That’s what we said as we walked up to the Recon booth at Interbike. We shared our First Look on the Recon Jet back in June of 2013 (yes, that was over two years ago), and this was the day we finally got to try on production Recon Jets. And yeah, it was worth the wait.


While we were only able to wear the Jets for a few minutes, we loved what we saw. The screen was easy to read and easily accessible without taking our eyes off the “road” in front of us—all while remaining far enough out of our eyesight as so as to not be a distraction. The “mousepad” on the side of the glasses was easy to access. And at first touch, the buttons appeared to be big enough to manipulate, even if we had a set of gloves on.


One of the features we appreciated most was the swappable battery pack. Each battery will typically last 3.5 – 4 hours, but for those who go a bit father (such as Andrew Starykowicz, 10x champion who just happened to stop by the Recon booth while we were there), that may not be enough. The good news is that the batteries are easily swappable. We spoke to Andrew about this, and he typically rides with a spare set. Between the two batteries, he’s able to get through even his longest rides.


The Recon team was most excited to talk about the recent price drop, which reduced the price to $499 (which is comparable to what one would expect to pay for a good cycling computer and a pair of glasses). The team also shared the news that BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) support is coming very, very soon, and the SDK (Software Development Kit) is available for 3rd party app development.


While, talking to Andrew, the subject of WTC and USAT regulations came up regarding the Recon Jet. Initially we expected there to be no issue since the Jet does not have a cellular node and provides no way to communicate with the outside world while racing. Unfortunately, Andrew reminded us that the Jet does contain a camera, so no USAT or WTC approval just yet. However, the team at Recon is working on solutions for this, and hopes to have a way for people to not just train with the Jet but race with it as well.


The big question for us is going to be just how does the Jet handle on the road? Fortunately a full review will be coming up on that soon. So stay tuned to AeroGeeks to see if the Recon Jet is everything we believe it will be.

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    • We reached out to Recon and this is what they told us “The new ReconOS release for JET is coming out very soon. We will be releasing a host of new content/updates to the developer pages ( which will also contain the new information on the back-ported Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE) capabilities (Android API-18).”

      Hope that helps!

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