Recon Jet – Reduced Pricing

“Reduced Pricing” may be one of our favorite two-word phrases in the English language. So when we read “Recon Instruments is pleased to announce new, reduced pricing for Recon Jet,” we were understandably excited.

Recon Jet - Black - Right Angle 

For those unfamiliar, the Recon Jet is bringing a heads-up display to cycling and running. The Jet is comprised of two separate pods connected to a pair of tinted glasses (four tint options will be available at launch). One pod contains the CPU and screen, and the other contains the battery. The Recon Jet runs on an Android-based operating system and comes packing GPS, an HD Camera, ANT+, and Bluetooth 4.0.

 Recon Jet - Black Frame - Clear Lens

In the United States, the Recon Jet is now available for $499. In other countries, it can now be purchased for 499 EUR, 360 GBP, 469 CHF, 660 CAD, 799 AUD, or 60,000 JPY. Even sweeter, as a show of gratitude to early adopters for their support, Recon will be offering price-adjustment refunds to customers who purchased or pre-ordered Recon Jet for a higher price prior to today’s announcement. Eligible customers will receive an email from Recon with instructions on how to receive their refund. Eligible customers who do not receive an email should contact Recon Customer Support at

 Recon Jet - White Frame - Meteor Gray Lens

Really, the only thing we like to see more than reduced pricing is a company reducing prices AND taking care of early adopters. That’s a company that gets it. Combining all that with a product that we cannot wait to get saddle time with, and you end up with a very excited AeroGeeks team. Stay tuned for our Interbike coverage to see the latest from Recon Jet and all the other great products out in Vegas. 

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