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We think every athlete took a look at Google Glass and thought – this would be amazing for cycling, triathlon, etc. You can have all of the information you need, permanently displayed in front of your eyes without ever needing to look down. Alas for $1,500, it was a bit above budget for the average triathlete, and besides, it didn’t even come with an actual pair of sunglasses.

But lucky for us, Recon Instruments has their own take on a wearable computer that is specifically designed for endurance sports and athletes like us. Meet the Recon Jet, a high performance Heads-up Display (HUD) integrated into a pair of tinted sun glasses. The Recon Jet comes packing GPS, an HD Camera, ANT+ and Bluetooth 4.0 yet weighs in at only 60g. Designed from the ground up with cyclists and triathletes in mind, the Recon Jet in many ways has the capability to change how we get our information.

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Through it’s ANT+ and Bluetooth connections, the Recon Jet will connect with your heart rate, cadence and power meters. Additionally the Recon Jet will be able to sync to your smart phone to provide caller ID and text messages. Take the power of the Garmin 510\810’s connectivity, place it right in front of your eyes, and then add a microphone and speakers – that’s what you’re getting with the Recon Jet.

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But the best part is the price; when you think about it, the Recon Jet is looking to replace your Garmin ($329), sunglasses ($160), and Bluetooth (if you ride with one) with a single product. And while Google was asking $1,500, Recon Jet is going to be selling theirs for a far more palatable $599. But, during the next 3 weeks (which just happens to coincide with the Tour) they are offering a pre-order price of $499. Expect to see the first shipments in December.

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Is this the future of computers when it comes to endurance sports – we don’t know; but we like where this is heading. $499 is not cheap but it is very much in line with the prices we pay for the products that the Recon Jet hopes to replace. More importantly we would be lying if we told you that we were not already bugging Recon Instruments to get us a pair. Mike’s birthday happens to be on August first, just a few days after the pre-order ends and he is hoping that someone may be getting him a slightly early pre-ordered birthday gift.

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    • We completely agree, and you are not the first to make that suggestion. We suspect that soon after the Recon Jets are released, an app will be created for them that enable a bluetooth enabled camera. The interesting question is whether the camera should be mounted behind your helmet or the back of the bike. We happen to think the back of the bike makes the most sense but we will wait and see.

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