The 2014 Aerogeeks Holiday Gift Guide

With the holidays fast approaching it is once again time for you to shop for that special triathlete in your life. Maybe it’s a training buddy who watches your dog on race day, or a loved one you haven’t seen all fall as they were preparing for IMAZ. No matter what, we have your gift needs covered!

Stocking Stuffers – $25 or Under

GU Salted Watermelon and Caramel Macchiato – $11.60 for 8

We love our GU, just check our run belts or bento boxes and we can almost guarantee you will find a few packets in there. This year GU introduced two new awesome flavors – Salted Watermelon and Caramel Macchiato—both of which helped us get through a few hard races this fall. For those looking to actually enjoy fueling on the go, GU has you covered.


flapJacked Protein Pancakes – $9.99

Looking to add a little heft to someone’s stocking? flapJacked protein pancake mix may be exactly what you’re looking for. With 15-17g of protein per serving and around 200 calories, they make an amazing breakfast or great post-workout snack. We preferred the buttermilk, but for those looking for a bit of variety, they also offer banana hazelnut and cinnamon apple.


Nuun Energy Hydration – $24.00 for a 4-tube pack

Looking for hydration that tastes great, has electrolytes, but skips the calories? Nuun makes an awesome product that we use on days where we want to keep the bottles light. We tend to prefer Kona Cola and Lemon Tea (both of which contain caffeine as well). For those looking to purchase a little something for multiple triathletes, a 4-pack of Nuun is a great way to give a little of surprise to everyone.


Osmo Preload Hydration – $24.99

Osmo Preload has become our go-to pre-workout drink during the heat of the summer here at Aerogeeks HQ. We end up feeling better and less parched during even the hottest workouts. Osmo has two formulations – one for men and one for women.


Road ID Wrist ID Sport – $19.99

To this day, this is our single favorite stocking stuffer out there! Every triathlete, runner, and cyclist has had that close call. And if the worst should happen, a Road ID can make the difference between your loved ones being by your side or left waiting at home wondering where you are. On almost any workout you will find an AG editor wearing not one, but two separate IDs.


Gifts that Show You Care – $50 or less

Silca Removable Valve Core Extensions – $34

How many times have you been pumping your tires and notice the valve ends up clicking around in the wheel. Silca knows your pain and has a line of extenders that may be just what you are looking for. What makes their extenders unique is a ribbed gasket that prevents the valve from banging against the wheel. We have been playing with the Silca valve extenders for a few months now and are just about to share our thoughts, but since they are making our holiday gift guide, we’re obviously fans. Available in four sizes (34mm, 45mm, 60mm and 75mm), Silca has options for all of your needs.


SKLZ AccuRoller – $39.99

We love the AccuRoller – it combines the stick, a stretch band, and a rolling ball into one easy-to-use package. While we haven’t had the chance to complete our full review on it yet, like the Silca Extenders, we are already fans. For those with a friend looking for a simple tool for stretching, an Accuroller under the tree may make a welcome gift.


TriggerPoint Grid X Foam Roller – $49.99

The Grid X is TriggerPoint’s firmest foam roller. Looking to really work out those knots and sore muscles? This is the tool you have been waiting for. Stop by the AG office after a tough training block and you’d find the AG team using a Grid X. A great gift—though wrapping it may be a challenge.


Torhans AeroBento – $29.95

The Torhans Aerobento is designed to work with frames that have top tube mounted bottle bosses. Torhans prides itself on building aero products that are easy to use, and the AeroBento is no exception. Hard-sided and soft-topped, it’s designed to hold 4-5 energy gels.


Getting Serious – Gifts in the $100 Range

Speedfil Aero Bundle – $89.95

Know a triathlete looking for their first BTA setup? Speedfil’s new combo pack combines the Z4 BTA cage with their A2 refillable bottle system. The combined setup is easy to install, use, and cleanup. We have raced many a race with this setup and have had nary a complaint.


Silca Hiro Side-Lever Locking Presta Chuck – $110

Know an athlete who hates having to deal with pumping up their disc wheels? We hate using disc adapters as much as the next guy, which is why we turn to our Hiro every time we need to pump up a disc wheel. High quality and easy to use (with a little practice), this is the perfect gift for the athlete who already has everything.


Coaching Gift Certificate – $100

Training on your own is tough – sometimes we all just need that little boost. A gift certificate for coaching may be just what your favorite athlete needs to get them to the next level. Depending on where you live you can look at local coaches or go the online route. Tommy Allore Coaching is offering a first month of coaching for $82 for sprint-half iron and $95 for full iron.


110% Overdrive Kit – $90

The Overdrive kit was one of the first products we tested here at AG and is still one of our favorite products on the market. Stop by the AG office on any given day and you can be sure to find at least one editor sporting a piece of 110% gear.

overdrive black ice

Gifts for those Going All Out

XLAB Intermediate Kit – $149.95

For those in need of a complete setup, XLAB’s intermediate kit combines their Torpedo System 50 BTA setup, Delta 100 rear cage (with built-in C02 storage), and stealth pocket 400 bento box. You also get a nanoflator and two CO2 cartridges. Way more than a stocking stuffer, this kit will get any new athlete ready for race day.


Ogio Ironman M9 – $160

The M9 is Ogio’s Ironman branded update to their Endurance 9.0 bag. The team has actually used it to transport our gear to a pair of 70.3s and have been impressed by everything the M9 can carry. With the M9, you get an additional tech vault as well as a more weather resistant fabric.


Profile Design T3 Plus Carbon – $229

We love Profile Design aero bars, if only for the fact that they are so easily adjusted. And Profile Design’s new J4 bracket is one of the easiest there is to adjust. For those looking to get their first pair of clip-on bars, or those just looking to try a new bar, take a look at what Profile Design has to offer.


Cycliq Fly6 – $249

We love products that help ensure we get home from our rides in one piece, and a combination light and rearview camera is exactly that kind of product. We just started reviewing Cycliq’s Fly6, but so far we are big fans of what they have built. Looking for a gift that really says you care? This may be it.


Garmin 920xt – $449.99

Meet the must-have product of the 2014 holiday season. We have only had the 920xt for a month now, but you can hardly get it off our wrists. Not just a triathlon computer, this is a smart watch that we wear to the office and to our workout. Want to be the gift hero of the year? Make sure a 920xt falls into your loved one’s gift pile.


Marc Pro – $649.99

When we reviewed the Marc Pro we said it was for those athletes that are out there giving it all daily and looking for any edge they can get. Some will look at the Marc Pro and think it is some kind of magic muscle building machine, but that is exactly what it isn’t. Instead, it left our sore muscles feeling refreshed after a few hard training blocks. And as any chronically sore triathlete knows, that makes any product worth its weight in gold!


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