The One Million View Giveaway!

It seems like only yesterday the celebrated its 500,000th hit, and here we are celebrating 1 Million! Over the past two years, more than 300,000 visitors have viewed Aerogeeks almost 1.1 Million times. Thank you for your continued support! Aerogeeks has become a top destination for triathletes and cyclists around the world, and we couldn’t have done it without the help of our readers.

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To express our sincere thanks and to help celebrate this milestone, we are excited to announce two chances to win one of two awesome prize packs from our friends at XLAB and Profile Design. Entering to win is easy. Just leave a comment answering “What is your favorite piece of gear and why?”. For a second chance to win, head on over to our Facebook page and let us know “What was your favorite race and why?” (don’t forget to Like Aerogeeks while you are there!).

The Questions

This page ( – What is your favorite piece of gear and why?

Facebook – What was your favorite race and why?

That’s it! All comments must be received no later than 11:59PM EST on October 31, 2014. Two winners—one from each page location—will be selected randomly on November 2, 2014. And since we know what your next question will be—no, you cannot win both. But you can definitely enter both to increase your chances! Oh, and be sure to put some thought into your comment, too. Of the two winners, our AG editors will be selecting who has first dibs on a prize selection based on their comment. So be creative!

The Prizes

Prize pack from XLAB:

Prize pack from Profile Design:

  • Aero HC System (our review here)
  • Karbon Kage
  • Water Bottle
  • Race Number Belt
  • Drawstring Backpack

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The Fine Print

Of course there is a bit of fine print…

We’ll cover the cost of shipping within the U.S. However, we ask that international winners chip in for shipping costs. If for any reason we cannot deliver on any of the prizes, the Aerogeeks will offer a substitute prize of equal value. As mentioned above, there will only be one unique winner per prize. However, feel free to enter both contests to increase your chances. To enter the contest via Facebook, you must “like” to be eligible (per Facebook standards).

OK, now take just a few minutes and comment below to enter! Answer this: What is your favorite piece of gear? And don’t forget to check Facebook and enter there as well. Good luck! And thanks again for helping us get to one million!

68 responses to “The One Million View Giveaway!

  1. Xterra lava pants. I love training in them in preparation for a triathlon. They give you the wetsuit feeling without having to go open water swimming. Don’t have to look like a fool in a full wetsuit at my pool either.

  2. My favorite gear so far are my Flo carbon wheels. The aerodynamics are such a huge benefit compared to the plain old wheels that came with my bike. They’re tough as can be and ride great in all conditions!

  3. Must be the first llanberis 1/2 iron man such an awe inspiring coarse and the finish in canafean castle was just stunning ,but of the bike coarse are still used in the slateman tri now on a good day views are stunning and it’s not flat

  4. My favorite piece of gear is my Rudy Project Sterling helmet. The single most comfortable helmet I’ve owned. Also has great ventilation.

  5. My Cervelo S2 (set up for triathlons) is my favorite piece of gear. Before getting it I had an older, heavy, aluminum bike that made riding unpleasant. Now I love to ride and have done my longest race and training rides ever.

  6. My favorite piece of gear is my bike, a Cervelo P2C I got second hand, which replaced my heavier steel road bike.

  7. My favorite piece of gear, by far, is my Cycleops Powerbeam Pro. It’s made a world of difference in my training. I’m on it six days a week and the ability to structure workouts combined with the ergometer functionality really makes for bullet-proof training.

  8. My wetsuit (a Rocket Science Real Joe in gnome-sized Large-short) is my favourite piece of gear. The confidence that the buoyancy has given me has changed me from concentrating on staying afloat to actually moving forward 🙂 From unable to swim 50m in May to completing Tri-a-tri, Sprint and Olympic events this summer and register for IRONMAN 70.3 in Dublin next year.

  9. My favorite piece of gear is my Garmin Fenix 2. It’s the best tool that I have to know how I’m performing on a day-to-day basis. It unites all the disciplines and is very easy to use.

  10. My RoadID. It may not be the coolest or most aero thing, but it gives me peace of mind while training and racing and never comes off my wrist.

  11. My Garmin Edge 510. It’s a great unit for tracking all my data, but the real kicker is the LiveTrack, so people know where I am while I’m riding. Because I do all of my riding alone, it gives peace of mind to my family members

  12. My absolutely favourite equipment is my view blade svimming goggles. I am from a competitive swimming background, and lets face it, there’s not a lot to worke with. And I absolutely love the placebo effect.

  13. My favourite piece of gear are my 2xu recovery pants. I practically live in them with all the training I’m doing and they also make me realise why chicks always wear leggings, they are so comfortable!

  14. My favorite item is my newton running shoes. I love getting off the bike and getting fresh socks and starting a long comfy run in my newtons!

  15. My favorite piece of gear is the generic carbon clinchers I bought from aliexpress. They are the highest performance to price ratio item I think I’ve ever bought. They ride great and are a great conversation piece with my custom stickers.

    A close second for me would be the Retül fit I had done about 18 months ago, although it’s not “gear” in the traditional sense. It’s most definitely made me faster on the bike and run better off the bike.

  16. My favorite piece of equipment would have to be my Cobb saddle. Before my bike fit, I had no idea a saddle change could have such a positive effect on my comfort and performance.

  17. My favorite piece of gear are ASICS Kayano 18s… Still rocking New Old Stock 3 years after they end of life those bad boys.

  18. A good piece of gear is only sufficient if it makes you want to work harder, and thus my favourite piece of gear is my Team Garmin-Sharp outfit. Wearing that striking blue outfit gives me an excellent boost in confidence!

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  20. I would have scoffed at this comment a year or two ago, but….

    Definitely my power2max. The thing just works and has transformed bike training and pacing. It also helps curtail the need to always want to ride race gear (to go faster) when you can ride more durable/serviceable items and pay attention to watts instead.

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  22. I’ve collected so many great bits of gear over the years, but I’m going to be weird and say my favourite item is that torture device, my turbo, a Cycleops Fluid 2. There’s two reasons, it keeps me cycling when it’s freezing and dark through the winter (no excuses!), and it’s a consistent platform to push myself all year round. Oh and a a third reason, the UK supplier has great customer service.

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  24. I favorite piece of gear is actually my 01982 Shimano DX platform pedals. I have had these for over 34 years of riding. I have rebuilt them once in that time and they still spin better than any other pedal I have ever owned. My son is now using them on the MTB I have built up for him and I hope his son will use them one day as well.

  25. My Rudy Project Wingspan-I know it’s nothing exotic, but it fits like a glove, and having come from a $25 generic cycling helmet, the difference is quite noticeable.

  26. My favorite piece of gear is my Giant Propel. I’ve used it both for road racing and triathlon, and it’s such an improvement over my old bike. I’m looking forward to another season with it next year!

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  28. Tacx igenius trainer. I live up north so winter is long and this trainer has so many training options to break up the potential basement boredom. The best feature is importing courses to ride before ever going to them. It even off loads the wheel for the downhills allowing for a more realistic ride.

  29. My favorite piece of gear is my new Giro Air Attack and Shield… No more looking over my sunglasses !!!!!

  30. My favorite is also the one I loathe the most – I have a set of old performance bike alum rollers… that never let me off the hook no matter what the weather. I’ve had them at least 10 years and they’re still rolling along.
    My favorite race – Weld county road race – did it this year for the first time and just love the dirt, the flats and the climbs it offers.
    Thanks AG for all the great reviews, I really dig reading about all the great stuff out there – if you ever need a tester in CO – I’m here for you!

  31. My favourite piece of gear is my P-09 helmet. The visor integration is great; it find it comfortable with decent ventilation and it looks stylin!

  32. My favorite piece of gear is my Louis Garneau elite tri suit, in custom colours for our tri club. It’s so light you don’t even feel like you’re wearing anything!

  33. My favorite piece of gear is my Zefal frame pump. All the young kids make fun of it, but who do you think they come to when they’ve botched a co2 inflation on a ride? Saves me $1 per flat in training and lets me tell “when I was your age” stories about down tube shifters and toe clips. Of course, nobody in their right mind would use any of that stuff anymore and I race with co2 as well. But for training, my Zefal frame pump can’t be beat.

  34. My favourite piece of kit is my Oakley Pro m frames! many many years old, seen better days but still work so well

  35. My Powertap training wheelset, cause it helps me get super strong on the bike and once-in-a-while win my age group.

  36. My response is going to be fundamentally different than most. But it is my heart that is my favorite piece of quipment. Not able to be purchased, but can be trained. Yes the tangible function of the heart is to provide the necessary oxygen rich blood to screaming and sore muscles in order to continue forward progress, but it is the intangible pyschological function of the heart I cherish. The function that overrides the want to quit, the function that destroys the desire to go easy, the function that pushes your mind and body beyond any limitation you thought you ever had. The heart is nothing but a fist sized piece of muscle, but the strength of your heart can make the difference between pride and regret. The strength of the heart can be difference between glory and shame. Yes I have many pieces of gear I enjoy, but my heart is the one piece of equipment that cannot be broken by anyone but myself. Thucydides said “The secret to happiness is freedom….And the secret to freedom is courage.” My favorite piece of gear may not win me the day, but it does provide me the freedom to know that I gave it my all….

  37. My ISM Adamo saddle because it is where I spend the most of my time when training and racing. The reason I like it so much is because I don’t get numbness anymore which, as a young man, is quite scary. Nothing compares to that feeling of relief when you get feeling back. Now I don’t have to worry.

  38. My favorite piece of gear is my casco speedairo helmet, fits great, feels great and looks great. BTW I cant believe you havent reviewed it!

  39. My Profile Design Aerodrink system is my new favorite gear.It’s my first BTA system, and it’s cheap and very functional at the same time. Makes it so much easier for me to avoid dehydration than the bottles behind the seat. Some say, that it even makes my bike more aero… win-win-win 🙂

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