9-28-2014 WiR

The biggest news from this past week was the launch of our One-Million-View Giveaway. XLAB and Profile design have helped us with two amazing prize packs – complete systems for a Sprint or Olympic distance race! To enter, you just need to answer a quick question on either (or both!) our contest Post or our Facebook page.

Image From http://www.cinevox.be/

Image From http://www.cinevox.be/

We also shared three more Interbike exhibitors, as well as our thoughts on Scott’s Split helmet (and we owe an apology to Jodie Swallow for forgetting her from the list of pros who rock the Split). This coming week we are going to wrap up our coverage of Interbike and get back to news and reviews! The mail room is overflowing with boxes, so we are going to have plenty of new gear and equipment to share with you.

For those visiting for the first time—welcome! One of our favorite ways to showcase our readers is our Readers’ Rides album on Facebook. You can check it out at http://on.fb.me/12jEqE3. If you would like to have your bike featured in our album just tweet us at @AeroGeeksFacebook message us, or email us at info@AeroGeeks.com.

This Week’s Posts

TuesdayInterbike 2014 – Quintana Roo and Litespeed

WednesdayInterbike 2014 – The Helmets, Scott Split – Review

Thursday – Interbike 2014 – Felt

Friday – One-Million-View Giveaway

Jens Voigt – Hour Record Holder

Who would have guessed how exciting it would be to watch someone ride in a circle for an hour. A big congrats to Jens on breaking the record! Hopefully you watched real-time, but if you’d like a recap, make sure to check out this inCycle video talking about all of the work that went into getting Jens to the start line.

Nuun and PeopleForBikes

We are big fans of Nuun, their Lemon Tea and Kona Cola routinely find their way onto AG bikes for all but our shortest rides. At Interbike, Nuun introduced us to the product the created in collaboration with PeopleForBikes. For those unaware, the mission of PeopleForBikes is to improve bicycling in the U.S. through collaborating with individuals, businesses, and communities. “We are proud to partner with PeopleForBikes to make riding better for everyone. Increased access to safer bike trails and paths will mean a healthier and happier community,” said Kevin Rutherford, Nuun’s President and CEO. “This collaboration will help elevate awareness of the great work that PeopleForBikes is doing to move this vision forward.” To this end, Nuun has created a co-branded PeopleForBikes product 4-pack, set to debut at specialty retail outlets in spring of 2015. The 4-pack price is $24.00 and includes 1 tube each of Nuun Active Hydration Citrus Fruit and Watermelon, plus Nuun Energy Lemon Lime and Wild Berry. Proceeds from each co-branded 4-pack sold nationwide will be donated to PeopleForBikes. Personally we are huge fans of the Watermelon and Wild Berry. For those looking to help promote cycling and pump up their hydration, keep an eye out for the PeopleForBikes Nuun 4-pack.


GU Energy and Strava Partner for the Challenged Athletes Foundation

Starting last Monday, runners and cyclists can join the Challenged Athletes Foundation run and/or ride challenges on Strava where, from October 6th to October 26th, GU Energy will donate $0.01 for every kilometer run, and $0.01 to every three kilometers ridden as part of the challenge to Challenged Athletes Foundation (CAF). GU Energy Labs and Strava announced a partnership aimed at raising at least $50,000 for the CAF. The unique partnership allows millions of runners and cyclists worldwide to help raise funds for CAF. Money raised will be used to equip physically disabled athletes with adaptive sports equipment, including running prosthetics and hand cycles, allowing them to take up or resume an active lifestyle. For those looking to help a great organization, make sure you are sign up on Strava before October 6!


Mail Room

The post Interbike deluge of equipment continues! This week Zipp sent us an 808/Super9 combination with their new Tangente Speed race day tires. They challenged us to make this our daily ride setup and see how it compares to riding a deep set of wheels (a challenge we look forward to taking on). And Ogio sent us their new Ironman M9 bag which we look forward comparing to their very impressive Endurance 9.0.

From Rudy Project, we received a Wing57, and Specialized sent us an Evade (a helmet we have received more questions regarding versus almost any other product out there!). Spy sent us their Discord glasses. And Swiftwick sent us a pair of Aspire run socks and Recovery+ compression socks. Santini also sent us one of their Aero kits to try. And finally, Scott sent us both their T2 Palani and eRide AF Support 2.0 running shoes.

Like we said, the mailroom was VERY busy.

Current Review

  1. Bontrager Aeolus Helmet – We took the Aeolus for its first ride this week. Going into the ride we were curious how the ventilation would work considering there are no vents up front. With the shield on we found that if you keep your head in a proper TT position you are rewarded with a very nice breeze across your face.
  2. Bell Star Pro – The Star Pro also saw its first ride this week. There is a very noticeable difference between having the vents open and closed. We are looking forward to more time with it.
  3. Tririg Alpa – The Alpha continues to impress as we put more miles on it. While it’s an incredibly comfortable bar in the aero position, we do wish for a touch more bar to hold onto in the pursuits (something we also wish for on Enve’s solution).
  4. Guru CR.901 – We got to spend some quality time with the Cr.901 this week and were really impressed with the handling capabilities. The bike is very smooth and has a very quick turn in for a dedicated triathlon bike.
  5. Fly 6 Rearview Camera – Devon ended up with some exciting video this week as a car made a very close approach as he was braking—exactly why you want to ride with a Fly 6.


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