10-5-2014 WiR

The Aerogeeks testing board is getting pretty full! Since returning from Interbike, we have been doing our best to keep up with testing all of these great products. This week we got a chance to start testing the Rudy Project Wing 57, Look Keo Blade 2, and Zipp 808/Super-9 combination – all in all, turning our Quintana Roo CD0.1 into a very, very fast test bike.


Don’t forget that we have just a few more weeks until our One-Million-View Giveaway is over. Be sure to check out the great prizes from XLAB and Profile Design – complete systems for a Sprint or Olympic distance race! To enter, just answer a quick question on either (or both!) our contest post or our Facebook page.

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This Week’s Posts

MondayInterbike 2014 – Look

TuedayInterbike 2014 – Fuji and Kestrel, Garmin Fenix 2 – First Ride

Wednesday – Garmin Forerunner 920xt – First Look,  Interbike 2014 – Zipp

Friday –Six Pack Fitness – Expedition Backpack 300 – Review

An Ode to GU Watermelon Brew

At Interbike Outdoor Demo, the AG team grew quite fond of GU Brew Watermelon. The flavor is fantastic – just sweet enough that we looked forward to that next sip. We never felt the need to force ourselves to hydrate. We have GU’s new formulation of its Electrolyte Brew to thank for that lighter, not overly sweet taste. The new, lighter-flavored Brew has 70 calories and 19 grams of carbohydrates per serving. The Brew’s carbohydrate source combines complex and simple carbs in a 50-50 balance, making it easy to digest. On a long brick workout this week – Mike came up with this inspirational haiku to illustrate our fondness:

Holy crap it’s good

This Gu Brew Watermelon

Our new favorite

Yes, Aerogeeks have a bit of poetry in us!


Mail Room

The mailroom is finally quieting down, but luckily it’s not too quiet. We only received one new product this week, but while it came in a small box, it made quite an entrance. The new Garmin Forerunner 920xt is in the house, and we cannot wait to get it unboxed. Look for our initial thoughts in next week’s WiR!


Current Review

  1. Look Keo Blade 2 – Look tells you that the Blade 2s have a very distinctive engagement, and that describes them perfectly. You are either clipped in, or not—there is no in between.
  2. Zipp 808/Super-9 – This started as a 404/808 review. There is little doubt that Zipp is the industry benchmark for wheels, and we wanted to get to know the gold standard. Zipp asked if we would spend some time with the 808/Super-9 combo instead as this is their recommended race day setup (they even grabbed Mackenzie Madison to share her race day setups with us). We have had two good rides with the Zipps so far and have observed two things. First, these are already starting to set new Strava records. Second, the only time we noticed the depth was when a car got a bit too close and we could feel the push from the wind as they blew by.
  3. Rudy Project Wing 57 – The Wing 57 is Rudy Project’s star of the show; their new benchmark setter. We’ve had two rides with it so far and can tell you that it fits fantastic and cools extremely well. We have a 70 miler planned with it this coming week, so that should be a great chance to see how it really holds up.
  4. Guru CR.901 – Our thoughts on the 901 are coming this week. The 901 is Guru’s highest spec TT bike, and we have spent the past few months with it. Stay tuned!
  5. Silca Hiro Side-Lever Locking Presta Chuck – Silca sent us a Hiro, and it is quickly becoming our best friend. This is the answer for anyone who has struggled with filling a disc wheel.


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