3/17/2013 – AeroGeeks Week in Review

In a little over three months we have had over 20,000 views! This is way beyond anything the AG group ever envisioned. Thank you to all of our readers for helping us get here. To celebrate we had a little social media contest and gave away some sticker sets. (If you won you should see the stickers in the next few weeks. We are still learning the intricacies of international shipping).

We spent this past week finishing up another set of reviews. Judging by the response, we think they were a big hit. This coming week we are going to start sharing with you some new products going through the review process. We are also going to share our first look at the Mad Fiber Clinchers. We are really excited about this wheelset and we suspect after seeing our first look that most of our readers will be too.

This Week’s Posts

Tuesday – Hydrapak Gel-BotReview

Wednesday – XLAB Torpedo System – Final Thoughts

Friday – XLAB Aero Cage Optimizer, XLAB Aero TT – Final Thoughts

Current Reviews

1. Hawk Racing 55mm Clincher Review

Another great week of riding the Hawks. Another week or two we will be sharing our final thoughts on these!

Hawk Racing 50mm Carbon Clincher

2. Hawk Racing BB30 Bottom Bracket

We love Hawk’s Bottom Bracket so much we are actually starting to consider their Rear Derailleur Pulley upgrade as well. These guys know how to make things that spin.

Hawk Racing BB First Look

3. Mad Fiber Carbon Clinchers

We meant to have the first look article up this week, but instead we took the clinchers racing. We figured you would want to hear about that.

4. Zensah High Compression Short

By now most of our readers have figured out that we are big fans of compression. This week we started not one, but two reviews of compression gear. First up are the High Compression Shorts from Zensah. We are familiar with Zensah from personal experience with their calf compression but this is our first time with the rest of their lineup.

Zensah Shorts

5. 110% Play Harder Overdrive Compression Sock with Ice Sleeve

All or our readers should already be familiar with RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation), yet the majority of products we look at only help with one of the components of RICE. The Overdrive Compression sleeves are different, they combine both the Ice and Compression in a comfortable and easy to wear package.

white overdrive

What We Raced

At AeroGeeks our core guiding principle is that we only recommend products that we would actually use and race. As part of this, anytime we race we will be sharing what gear we used in the race and why we chose that setup.

This weekend was the Miami 2575 sprint distance triathlon. Prepping for the race map made it appear that the bike course was a highly technical course where we would be out of the aero bars much of the time. Our thinking was that weight was going to be a factor if we would need to get up and sprint out of the turns. This was a course ready made for the Mad Fiber Clinchers, extremely light and very aero. We also went with the XLABs Torpedo since we thought we were going to be out of the bars much of the time and leaning in for a BTA straw may have compromised our vision of the road.

Turns out we completely misread the race map and the course let us stay in the aero bars  most of the race. Regardless the wheels were the perfect choice, with 10 mph cross winds, the wheels were perfectly stable. The Torpedo also worked out to great success. At race speed we had no issues grabbing hydration when needed.

Articles We Liked

BikeRumor recently did a three part series on visiting Trek’s Headquarters in Waterloo. They covered the front door, to carbon bike production. The whole series is worth a great read.




Thanks for reading, and remember to let us know if there’s anything you want to see reviewed on AeroGeeks.com.

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