XLABs Aero Cage Optimizer – Final Thoughts

In our first post we called the Aero Cage Optimizer the “biggest little item we’ve seen in a while.” It’s one month later and we still feel the same way.  In fact, we think the Aero Cage Optimizer may be the best example yet of XLAB’s simple-but-brilliant engineering.


Every cyclist has had that moment when they realize the frame mount locations on their bike, wing, or BTA mount are just slightly out of reach. The Optimizer completely solves this problem.  XLAB’s Optimizer includes 3 sets of different length screws and spacers to help you setup your ride—allowing for 45mm of vertical movement to finally make good use of those inconveniently located mounts.


When setting up the Optimizer, we do suggest that you test ride your setup prior to heading out on the road. We made this mistake when first setting up our bikes with the Optimizer. In order to place the Aero TT cage as low as possible for ideal aerodynamics, we intentionally mounted it to fill the bottom of the triangle, where the downtube meets the seattube. While it fit like a glove, we didn’t realize that we’d actually mounted the bottle completely out of reach until after we’d already set out on a 50-mile ride. We learned our lesson—perfectly aero is not always a good (or practical) thing.


The Optimizer is crafted from two pieces of aluminum locked together by a single set screw. This is our only real gripe with the Optimizer. Yes, 30 grams is not heavy by any stretch of the imagination, but we think this piece is just begging to be crafted from carbon fiber (possibly in a slightly more aerodynamic fashion). If and when XLAB decides to produce a carbon Optimizer, we will certainly be first in line to make a purchase.

At AeroGeeks we love innovative products that fix issues we didn’t even realize we had, and the Aero Cage Optimizer clearly meets this definition.


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