XLAB’s Aero TT – Final Thoughts

The Aero TT allows you to carry a full 20 oz. of liquid on the frame with virtually no effect on aerodynamics. With that in mind, we have always looked at the Aero TT as the savior of the frame mount location, so we were obviously very excited to test it here at AeroGeeks.


Unfortunately, our testing got off to a bit of a rough start when we got overeager with XLAB’s Aero Cage Optimizer and mounted the Aero TT so low in the frame that we couldn’t reach it. Luckily this was an easy fix. After relocating the bottle to a more accessible position we were able to share our first thoughts on it here.


The shape of this bottle was by far our favorite feature. When viewed head-on or top-down the bottle is completely hidden from view. And as we’ve said in the past, if we can’t see it, the wind will have the same problem. However, this unique shape—combined with the tightness of the Aero TT cage—could have contributed to some gripping problems on the ride. Fortunately XLAB headed this challenge off at the pass and added a non-slip surface and “easy grip” groove to the bottle. Both allowed for the Aero TT to be easily grabbed and replaced back in the cage on the fly.




From our very first experiences with the Aero TT we wondered whether it would best serve as a standalone bottle or as a refill device for a BTA setup. The key to this decision was how easily the bottle could be accessed while at full speed. The unique cage requires you to place the bottle’s back end into the back of the cage and then snap it into the front grips. Additionally, the bottle’s tall shape tended to be awkward to move out from inside the triangle while avoiding ones legs rotating at high speed. Because of this, we found that using the Aero TT as a refill device was preferable. We just never grew all that comfortable with grabbing it multiple times per ride. We see this best used in an Olympic or 70.3 where the BTA and the Aero TT store your main calories, and if needed, an empty rear cage could be used to store on-course hydration.


The Aero TT is a product that accomplishes exactly what it set out to do. It allows a rider to carry liquids on the frame with little to no effect on aerodynamics. While it has some issues with ease of use, we found it to be a perfect aero BTA refill option. We would necessarily recommend the Aero TT to every rider. But if you’re looking to carry an extra 20 ounces of liquid without all the usual downsides, this is the bottle for you.

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  2. Thanks for the review. If I had a BTA bottle and 1 rear mounted bottle and wanted a 3rd, would the XLab Aero bottle be more aero than a 2nd bottle on the rear? Thanks,

  3. Hi Darren – sorry for the delay as we took the rest of the year off. These kind of questions are highly specific to the rider and equipment they are already using. Some frames are more optimized for downtube mounted bottles. Conversely some peoples body shapes better hide rear bottles than others. I know this isnt a great answer but it really comes down to your body, position, and bike frame.

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