XLAB’s Aero TT – First Look

Last week we published our first look at a number of XLAB hydration solutions (here). However, we were unable to get a proper first look at the Aero TT due to an improper installation on our part. We’ve since fixed the installation issue and have had a few good rides with the Aero TT. With that said, here’s our first look at this product.


The Shape

From the very first time we laid hands on it, we could tell the Aero TT was designed with aerodynamics in mind. However, until you see it mounted to a frame, you can’t fully appreciate just how aero it is. The three shots below show the bottle mounted to our Quintana Roo CD0.1 frame. When looking from the top or front of the bike, the bottle is almost completely hidden from view (and thus the wind), and that’s exactly what we wanted to see. If we can’t see it, we know the wind will have a tough time finding it as well.




Ease of Use

Because of the unique shape of the TT bottle, it does take a little work to get it out of the cage. Fortunately, XLABs considered this in their design and developed the bottle with a non-slip surface as well as an “easy-grip” grove to make grabbing the bottle easier. While these features do provide some help, you’ll still want to practice getting the bottle in and out of its cage consistently without looking down.

When replacing the bottle, you will need to seat the back of the bottle into the cage first, which is a similar motion used when replacing a standard bottle into a cage. To ensure the bottle is seated properly, push the bottle down fully into the cage clips (this can be a little awkward at first). After a few rides these motions are becoming second nature, but this definitely would not be the bottle you would buy the day before a race.


What’s Next?

Over the next month we plan to continue riding with the Aero TT. We also have a few races coming up in March and April and have already identified the Aero TT as a possible secondary bottle rather than using a rear wing. We’ll be sure to keep you posted on our experiences.

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