Adamo Attack – 150 Miles Later

The Garmin says we’re about 150 miles into our Adamo Attack long-term review, and we wanted to give just a quick little update (read our first look, here). We also received a question from one of our readers regarding the exact measurements of the saddle, so we dug out our calipers and got down to it for him.


Additional Measurements

PYF asked us to measure the saddle at the nose, 50mm and 100mm from the nose. For comparison’s sake, we took the same measurements on an Adamo Podium, to boot. All measurements are the width of the saddle at the stated distances from the nose, and are +/- 2mm. The findings were a little surprising, actually.

Saddle 0mm 50mm 100mm
Attack 54mm 71mm 87mm
Podium 55mm 69mm 84mm

The first 100mm the saddles are near identical; the next 70mm is where the real difference occurs. The Attack widens from 87mm to 110mm, while the Podium widens from 84mm to 130mm.


Shorter Cutout but a Longer Channel

The actual cutout of the Podium runs a little longer than the Attack’s, but the Attack has a channel that goes beyond the cutout leaving the total length of the cutout\channel about 20mm longer than the Podiums. What does this mean to the rider?  While we sometimes experienced slight discomfort and numbness on long rides with the Podium, we have had nothing of the sort with the Attack.  We call this a huge win.


Just a Bit Shorter Please?

To sum it up, we love this saddle and think it would be perfect for use on a road bike.  However, it is a  bit long for the aero tuck of a triathlete or time triallist.  When we initially set up the saddle we used the same position that the Podium had been in.  What the Attack needed was to be about 10mm forward (to better accommodate the sit bones), though, and  unfortunately this now places the nose in the way when sprinting or climbing.  If the nose was 10-15mm shorter we truly believe that this would be the saddle to ride, bar none.

With the Podium, our position is more forward to accommodate the extra width, and while this helps place the saddle in a comfortable position, it does mean that the majority of the saddle goes completely unused.  A shorter version of the Attack would solve all of these issues – and we would buy a whole shop wall of them tomorrow if Adamo brought them out.

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  2. Just wanted to thank you for writing that article and checking the dimensions ! From your meausrements it seems the Attack is not any narrower than the other ISM saddles, so chaffing issues won’t be solved for me. One saddle I won’t have to try then, you guys made me save money, thanks a lot ! 🙂 .

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