2/9/2013 – What’s Going on at AG Headquarters

Wow, what a busy few weeks it has been here at AG headquarters. With everything going on we wanted to take a moment to bring all of our readers up to speed on what we’re currently testing and what’s coming up.

Current Reviews

1. Adamo Attack

We have already published two articles on the Attack based on Mike’s reviews. Devon will be taking the saddle next week for a few hundred miles and will give his input as well. If you’d like to get caught up, here are our thoughts so far.




2. Flo Cycling – Flo 60 Wheelset

Devon has been riding the 60’s for 2 weeks now, and based on his first review he may have found his next true love. Devon will hold on to the Flos for one more week and then its Mike’s turn. He’ll put some miles on them to see if they pass his tests as well. Luckily for Devon we will have something new for him to put under his frame.



3. XLAB Torpedo and Aero TT

We just got these in Thursday and installed them on the bike today. Devon is already jealous that Mike grabbed the matte torpedo cage for his half of the reviews. Devon will just have to settle for the glossy. Expect to see an article on them early next week.


4. 2XU Compression Review

Go to any triathlon and you will see many athletes wearing calf compression sleeves. 2XU provided us with a set of both their Compression Calf Guards (during workout) and Compression Calf Sleeves (post workout). Mike took them for their first workout this morning, and we will have a first look at them early next week.


Other Great Links

We wanted to help spread the word that Flo Cycling is having a little fun with their Pre-Order 4 and are offering a free t-shirt to anyone that orders. However, they have not decided on the color scheme, so we wanted to help them out. Head over to http://flocycling.blogspot.com/2013/02/flo-cycling-t-shirt-poll.html to place your vote. According to us here at AG, the correct answer is Stealth.

In addition, make sure you head over to www.AnotherTri.com and sign up for a chance to win a Trek Speed Concept 2.5. If you haven’t heard of them, AnotherTri is introducing a great new concept on how to get triathletes more equipment for better prices. We cannot wait to tell you more about their ideas and concepts in the coming weeks.

What’s Coming Up?

We have a number of reviews coming as we receive new products in the mail. In addition, we’re excited to reveal a big surprise to our readers on Sunday night. We’re not dropping any hints, but be sure to check back with us Monday morning!


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