2/24/2013 – Week in Review

The mail room wasn’t quite as busy this week as last, but that is ok because we are keeping track of a couple of tracking numbers indicating this will be a busy next week. The lack of packages didn’t stop us from having a great week though, with four new first-look articles that covered a range of topics from bottom brackets to skin care. Make sure you take a moment to get caught up because some of these products may surprise you as much as they surprised us.

This Week’s Posts

Monday – XLAB’s Aero TT

Wednesday – Hawk Racing Bottom Bracket

Thursday – Hawk Racing 50mm Carbon Clincher

Friday – TriSwim Hair and Body

Current Reviews

1. Adamo Attack

It’s getting time to wrap this one up. Both Mike and Devon have spent time on this saddle now and have gotten to know all that the new Adamo Attack is. Expect to see the final review early next week.



2. Flo Cycling – Flo 60 Wheelset

Mike has gotten his first rides in and readily admits that these wheels are everything Devon said they were. He has two more rides planned for these wheels including a final hill workout to see how they really do climb. Expect to see his thoughts the first week of March.


3. XLAB Torpedo and Aero TT

We are just two weeks into testing the big box of goodies from XLABs, but we are already starting to get a feel why so many top pros are using these products on their bikes. We plan on spending a few more weeks to make our final determinations but we have already written up two articles detailing our first thoughts.

XLAB’s Hydration Review – First Look

XLAB’s Aero TT

4. 2XU Compression Review

It will be another week before you see our final thoughts but rest assured that Mike is wearing 2XU’s sleeves in every workout he can.

2XU Calf Compression – First Look

5. Hawk Racing 55mm Clincher Review

Devon had his first ride on the Hawk Racing wheels earlier week (Hawk Racing 50mm Carbon Clincher) and found the quality on them to be unsurpassed. While they are currently on his TT bike he actually is planning on putting them on his road bike as well. It will be a few more weeks before we see final thoughts.

6. Hawk Racing BB30 Bottom Bracket

After Mike’s first rides using the Hawk Racing bottom bracket (on the CD0.1) our only way to explain it was to compare riding on them to a hot knife cutting through butter, it was that smooth. The DA4 will be getting the upgrade next to see if the results first seen by Mike will be seen by Devon as well.

Hawk Racing 50mm Carbon Clincher

What’s Coming Up?

With six products reviews currently ongoing, it probably isn’t surprising to see that we are starting to wrap some of them up. But fear not, we already have the next batch of products waiting in transition to be picked up and started with. Not to mention that we are still working on that surprise we alluded to next week. Thanks for keeping up with AeroGeeks and always remember that our favorite reviews are the ones that you ask us to do!


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