XLAB Aero Computer Mount – Review

Part of our review process involves a running dialog with the manufacturer. We do this partly so we can get answers to any questions that come up with during the review process, and we also do this to provide feedback straight to the manufacturer. The AeroGeeks credo is to give back to the community, and giving our feedback on products straight to the manufacturer is one of the ways we do that.


When we tested the XLABs Torpedo mount, we told XLABs that one of the few things missing from it was an integrated computer mount, similar to what Torhans has done with the Aero Tray, and Profile Designs is doing with their new Aero HC System. We were shocked when they told us that they already had one, the XLAB Aero Computer Mount and it was on their site. (The reason we never noticed it was the first image on the page is of the computer mount used as a stem mount, which is an alternate configuration).


The Mount

Our overriding opinion of XLABs has always been the way they brilliantly execute even the simplest of products. We found that their computer mount clearly follows this path. It is mountable to the Torpedo (which is how we set it up) or as a stem mount, allowing you the flexibility to choose the mounting option that works best for you. A computer mount is going to be a fairly simple product, but small details can make a big difference, and this is something XLABs tends to get right. Their computer mount has built in grooves on the bottom to guide the rubber bands used to mount computers such as the Garmin 500. If you have used simple cylindrical mounts (such as Profile Design universal computer mount) you may find that the computer can wander a bit, the built in guides help prevent this, as well as simplify the installation process. It is a simple detail, but a detail they got right.


Our only complaint was that the width of the mount was a touch smaller than the rubber band mount that comes with the Garmin. You can see the disparity in the photo below. It never actually caused an issue, but from a details perspective, we would have liked to have seen them widen the mount by about 10 mm to fully fit the Garmin mount (considering it is one of the more popular computers\mounts in the industry)


Final Thoughts

XLAB continues to impress us with their well thought our products. Their computer mount is no exception. While we would have liked to see them widen it a bit to better accommodate the Garmin mounts, it in no way takes away from the simplicity and quality of the design. For those looking for a way to mount a computer behind their Torpedo setup, or off of the stem, this is a product worth taking a look at.

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  3. Really depends on the orientation of the bars. The mount attaches to the bars via velcro straps and if the bars are level the mount will be the level.

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