Interbike 2013 – 110% and Matty Reed

When we first slipped on the 110% compression + Ice kit, we knew that we had found a training partner for life. And now, so has professional triathlete Matty Reed—the company’s newest sponsored athlete, or “Play Maker.”


You might remember our Facebook post about Matty Reed’s secret earlier this month, and by now you have probably figured out that his secret is 110%’s compression + ice. You can see the full-length video “reveal” below (or visit the website –

. We think it’s worth a watch.

If you haven’t had a chance to check out our reviews of 110%’s products, check out the posts below. It’s rare when we test a product that we end up using quite this much. With that said, I guess our little secret is that if you were to open any AG staff members’ home freezer, you’d find it stocked with 110% ice sleeves. And according to the 110% Play Maker profile of Matty, it looks like he has something in common with the AG staff—one of his favorite 110% picks is the Overdrive Compression + Ice Kit.

110% Overdrive Compression Kit – First Look

110% Overdrive Compression Kit – Final Thoughts

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  1. Surely it’s 110% not 100% 🙂

    Got some of these last year – awesome products – well worth the extra 10%

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