2/17/2013 – AeroGeeks Week in Review

It was another busy week at AeroGeeks headquarters. On Monday we were proud to share our new logo. What did you think? The mail room was busy all week as well with packages from Hawk Racing, Torhans, and Hydrapak—lots of great stuff that you’ll be seeing in the coming weeks. Finally, we had a great talk with AnotherTri, which we shared with everyone on Thursday.

AG rgb logo

This Week’s Posts

MondayUnveiled our New Logo, 2XU Calf Compression – First Look

Tuesday – XLAB’s Hydration Review – First Look, Zipp 404 650c and Vuka Stealth Aerobars

Wednesday – Vision Metrons – Long-Term Review

Thursday – A Sneak Peek at AnotherTri.com

Current Reviews

1. Adamo Attack

Mike finished his test of the Attack and handed the saddle over to Devon. He’ll be setting it up on the DA4 and will provide his first impressions soon.



2. Flo Cycling – Flo 60 Wheelset

The Flo 60s had been on the DA4, but they were moved to the CD0.1 this weekend. Over the next few weeks they will undergo continued testing, including more specific hill workouts, to see how they perform when they are pushed in a more vertical direction.



3. XLAB Torpedo and Aero TT

We’ve had these for a week now and are enjoying the testing. We published a first review earlier this week and are going to continue working with these products for the next few weeks as we firm up our impressions.

XLAB’s Hydration Review – First Look


4. 2XU Compression Review

Our first review of the 2XUs came earlier this week—Mike was very impressed. We anticipate our testing will last another two weeks and then we’ll provide final thoughts.

2XU Calf Compression – First Look

5. Hawk Racing 55mm Clincher Review

We received the Hawk Racing 55mm clinchers last week and put them on the DA4 on Sunday. We expect to provide our first thoughts later this week.


What’s Coming Up?

We expect this to be another busy week in the mail room, which is never a bad thing. In addition, we are working on surprise for our readers interested in showing their support of AeroGeeks. We hope to have more information for you later on this week.

Thanks for reading, and remember to let us know if there’s anything you want to see reviewed on AeroGeeks.com.


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