8-21-2016 WiR

One of the benefits of living on the east coast this week was that we could get our morning workout in and still have time to watch the Women’s triathlon in Rio. A big congratulations to Gwen Jorgensen for taking home the gold. And congrats to Nicola Spirig and Vicky Holland for silver and … Continue reading

8-14-2016 WiR

Last weekend we had the road race to distract us. This week was the Individual Time Trial. Big congrats to Kristin Armstrong and Fabian Cancellara – both legends in their own right. We also want to throw a shout out to LoveThePain. We say that our biggest signs of confidence is when we race … Continue reading

Torpedo Versa 500 – First Look

The Versa 500 starts out where the highly successful Torpedo System 400 left off. When we reviewed the 400 we said: “We highly recommend giving it a look. It checks off all the boxes the AeroGeeks had, and even a few we didn’t consider!” At the time, we were quite happy with the product. But … Continue reading