Argon 18 Launches the E-117 Tri Disc and E-118 at Kona

What can we say – it’s that time of year again for all the triathletes out there. It’s our Super Bowl and Christmas all rolled into one. And to help launch this week, Argon 18 has dropped on us two new bikes – the E-117 Tri Disc and E-118 Tri+ (full details on both at the links!) Both of which have disc brakes and are UCI legal. We have full posts on both new bikes but for the moment let’s look at the complete Argon 18 triathlon \ TT lineup.

For 2020 Argon 18 has four bikes available – the E-117 (rim), E-117 Tri Disc, E-118, and E-119.

Discipline UCI Legal Brakes Frameset Price Build Price
E-117 Tri\TT Yes Rim $1,999 $2,499 – $4,999
E-117 Tri Disc Tri-TT Yes Disc $1,599 $2,999 – $5,699
E-118 Tri-TT Yes Disc $5,199 $8,499
E-119 Tri\Tri+ Tri No Rim $4,249 – $4,999 $5,249 – $9,499

All are built for triathlon duties while the E-117 and E-118 lines are also UCI legal for TT needs.

The TT \ Tri Bikes

The majority of Argon 18s lineup is UCI legal – meaning you can use them at your local triathlon and at the TT World Tour championship. The lineup starts with the E-117 Tri and E-117 Tri Disc.

Both feature a standard cockpit and slightly more relaxed geometry. Prices range from $1,599 for a frameset to $5,699 for a complete electronic build.

The superbike of the TT group is the newly released E-118. Long and low its built to dominate at the world tour. But will be equally as home on the streets of San Fran handling the technical Escape from Alcatraz. The new E-118 has an all new frame that weighs in 250g less than the previous and now incorporates disc brakes. The frameset will run you $5,199 and the Ultegra Di2build will set you back $8,499.

The Tri Bike

The E-119 Tri and E-119 Tri+ is Argon 18s dedicated triathlon weapon. Featuring a 78° seat tube and adjustable saddle position (+28mm, -28mm). The Tri+ comes fully race ready with hydration and nutrition accessories to make the frame needs.

The current E-119 continues to use well hidden rim braking.

Our Thoughts

With the addition of an entry level disc brake option in the E-117 Tri Disc and the revised World Tour ready E-118, Argon 18 has a line of bikes that should meet any athlete’s needs. Looking for your first tri bike? Looking for your first super bike? Or just want to do something truly custom? There is something there for you. What we really like is that this lineup is not just all inclusive from a pricing model – but from a geometry perspective as well.

But the pricing model really does need to be called out. Having a disc equipped entry level bike is still something not found in most line ups at this time. Currently we can think of Quintana Roo, Cervelo, and now Argon 18 as the only ones having an all-inclusive lineup. With QR and Argon 18 being the only ones that still have both rim and disc options (for 2020 Cervelo is all disc). It’s a great range of options and allows a bike shop to cater to a wide clientele base.

One thing we are not sure about is the exclusion of frame specific nutrition accessories on the disc bikes E-118 (the E-117 offers a frame specific bento box as an additional option from your local bike shop). Proper frame storage that accounts for the aerodynamics of the bike is a difference maker. Talking to Argon 18, they feel that because different athletes have different needs for different races there is no one size fits all – and we agree. BUT, some simple items like a frame shaped bento box is something we would have liked to have seen (especially since it is available for the E-117 and E-119). It’s a small item – but one that most everyone else is doing now.

Wrapping Up

With the addition of the E-117 Tri Disc and all new E-118, Argon 18 has a complete triathlon and TT lineup that should meet the needs of most any athlete. While we would have liked to see some more included storage\integration options, holistically their decision to leave that at athletes discretion and save a few dollars (or offer better wheels and\or groupset) works for us. As always thanks for reading and stay tuned for more news from Kona!

[Updated 10/8/2019 8PM EST: Argon 18 does offer a frame specific bento box for the E-117 Tri Disc as an additional accessory]

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