Kona 2019 – Heather Jackson’s Custom E-118 Tri+

On Tuesday we shared with you the brand new Argon 18 E-118 Tri+. And now today we get to show off one of the first pro builds riding one. And not just anyone mind you – but Heather Jackson’s ride featuring color changing paint!

In cooler weather the bike features a fairly subtle black and white design – until that is it gets to be over 30°C (86°F). The black paint is thermochromic, meaning that it changes based on the surrounding temperature. As the temperature creeps up the black turns translucent, revealing completely different artwork underneath: a deep red hue comes through on the fork, frame and handlebar. For a bike that will be first raced on the lava fields of Kona at the Ironman World Championships, that red ‘eruption’ through the black is exactly the desired effect.

“The design was created around seeing the bike in ‘cold mode’ on the morning of the race, and then seeing it evolve during the race,” says Alexandre Saint-Jalm, Art Director at Argon 18. “No doubt, it will finish red like lava at the end of the 180km bike leg.”

The rest of the bike is built out exactly how you would expect a previous podium finisher’s bike to look.

You can get more info on the bike at https://www.argon18bike.com/en/news/pro-athletes/hjkonabike2019. And thanks to Argon 18 and Wattie Ink for the photos!

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