SLF Motion – Hyper Aero System – First Look

SLF Motion just dropped this in our inbox and we wanted to let you check it out ASAP! We have previously looked at their Hyper Speed System and we were impressed. But like almost any oversized pulley wheel system it just hung there for the air to see. Their new Hyper Aero System looks to solve that.

The SLF Motion Hyper Aero System

The Hyper Aero System is designed to be the world’s most aerodynamic Oversize pulley wheel system on market. The Hyper Aero System builds upon the already successful Hyper Speed System platform, allowing full attention to be placed onto the aerodynamics during the development stages. Thru extensive CFD testing (using ANSYS), SLF Motion tells us that they are the world’s most aerodynamic Oversize rear derailleur pulley wheel system on the market. Crosswinds, headwinds, and multiple derailleur angles were all tested and helped prove the efficiency of the Hyper AERO System over its other Oversize competitors. Data, such as having upwards of 60% less drag force than other tested systems, was determined thru extensive testing.

“One thing we do well here at SLF Motion is listen to our customers” Blake Young, SLF Motion owner, said. “The development and release of the Hyper AERO System is a direct correlation to that! Thru regular request and inquiries, we learned that our Triathlon & Time Trial customers were eager for us to provide them with something more aerodynamic…so we did just that.”

A combination of 3D printing, injection molding, and CNC machining have all come together to create our new Hyper AERO Systems. All Hyper AERO Systems will be equipped with 7075 Aluminum 14T/18T oversize pulley wheels, unique coated hybrid ceramic bearings, and a combination of Stainless Steel and Titanium hardware throughout. Current eTap AXS, eTap 11 speed, and Ultegra 8000 & 8050 as well as Dura Ace 9100 & 9150 rear derailleurs are supported. All Hyper AERO System will ship with SLF Motion’s new 4-Year STRONGER Warranty!

“We use only the best materials and manufacturing practices when it comes to building our products,” Young said. “Customers know when they buy from SLF Motion, they are getting the best possible product for their bicycle to go along with customer service that’s unrivaled in the cycling industry.”

You can visit to preorder today for $595.

Our Thoughts

We are going to have to reserve judgement for a bit since this just showed up in our inbox. But that being said when you are looking for every bit of aerodynamic performance – the aerodynamics of the derailleur cage is another stone to turn. We will be interested to see what the 60% less drag correlates to in total drag numbers for the whole bike. Are we talking a watt or watts? As soon as we know we will share it with you and until then keep reading for your latest news and reviews.

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