Stages Cycling Stages Power LR meters – First Look

We have been seeing it in the peloton for the past few years, most noticeably under Chris Froome in his last two TdF victories. And today, Stages Cycling has finally released the details to the public. Building on the success of the Stages Power meter left-only solution, which brought accessibility to riders around the globe, Stages Power LR provides an option for riders who desire bilateral measurement.

Stages Power LR for Shimano 9100 will begin shipping this fall for $1,299.99USD/€1,299/1,199£, with Shimano Ultegra R8000 ($999.99USD/€999/949£) following shortly after 9100 comes into shops.

“Stages Power meters revolutionized the power measurement category when we launched 5 years ago,” said Matt Pacocha, Stages Cycling Marketing Director. “We made what once was the realm of sponsored professionals and those with deep pockets accessible to any dedicated cyclist. Stages Power LR expands our line and keeps us on the path of our original goal of providing power for every rider. While we don’t think every rider needs this meter, those recovering from injury and those looking for independent left-right accuracy will not find a better tool. We’re also very proud of how proven this product is already—Team Sky has already won two Tours on Stages Power LR.”

The Stages Power LR meter works with the Stages Dash head unit or any other third-party ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart compatible cycling computer to measure power within +/-2% accuracy of total measurement at 100w/90rpm, please note this takes into account the stacked tolerances of the two separate sensors. Active temperature compensation ensures consistency, while the IPX7 water resistance rating and battery life of 175+ hours from a user-replaceable 2032 coin battery complete a professional-level package that’s accurate, reliable, and durable.

Stages Dual is lightweight, adding a mere 35g to the crank weight. Internal sensors measure cadence, omitting the need for a magnet, and just like the original Stages Power meter, LR features wireless firmware update capability via the Stages Link app. In conjunction with Stages Dash, Stages Cycling’s GPS head unit, and Stages Link, the cloud-based training service, Stages Power Meters complete the Stages Power Training Ecosystem, which provides a clear guide to bring athletes to their best performances. 

Our Thoughts

Stages Cycling has been one of the innovators of the power meter market – helping drive down the price of power meters to where it has become commonplace for even the weekend warrior to be sporting one. For those who ride regularly and take their power training seriously, having accurate left\right data is critical (we can tell you our chief editor has been doing single leg drills for some time now to solve his 52%/48% imbalance.)

At $999, it will not be the lowest priced meter on the market. But considering the reputation that Stage’s has built (and continues to build), we don’t think that will be a deterrent. You should expect to see these showing up in your local transition area next year.

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