8-27-2017 WiR

The last time we wrote a Week in Review, we were shocked it was almost August. Now, September is almost upon us. We figure that tells us two things – first, that time flies when you are having fun. And second, we need to spend a little less time trying to watch every episode of Game of Thrones, and a little more time bringing you the latest news and reviews of the coolest triathlon and cycling gear out there. (But seriously, it’s really hard…we are super-addicted to GoT, and are only on season 5!)

As always, thanks for reading AeroGeeks. And if you want to see us check out something and we haven’t yet, make sure to let us know in the comments below.

This Week (well, since our last WiR)

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The AG Mailroom

A few months ago, we switched up how we do the mailroom. Instead of waiting to post about what showed up in the WiR, we post about it as soon as it comes in on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Make sure you are following to catch the latest!


Silca TATTICO Bluetooth Pump

Air travel with a pump is a pain in the a**. Yes, you can do it. And we are sure many, if not most of you, have. But that certainly doesn’t make it easier. We know we hate throwing a bulky, heavy pump in our bike case. And it takes up vital room in our baggage. We have traveled many times with a mini-pump, but we are always left wondering – sans gauge, exactly how much air is in there?

The new Silca TATTICO Bluetooth pump is the answer to that question. The TATTICO Bluetooth mini-pump solves the accuracy issues of other mini-pumps by taking the physical gauge out of the equation altogether and transmitting it through an app called iGauge, directly to your phone. The TATTICO’s original inverted design allows enough room to place a Bluetooth pressure sensor at the end of the barrel, which transmits the data as pressure fills the chamber of the barrel.  This simple integration allows the TATTICO to keep the same size, profile, and capability of the original pump, while providing an accurate reading within +/- 2%.

Rated to 120psi, TATTICO Bluetooth is built to be an option for those airplane rides mentioned above. The TATTICO Bluetooth is powered by an easily replaceable CR2030 battery and ships with a direct-mount backed with retaining strap. At the end is a long extractable filler hose with locking presta/schrader chuck. MSRP will be set at $120.

We are already begging Silca to send one over to see if this is finally the answer to our bike traveling needs.

ProShift FSA K-Force WE Groupset Support

We have been following ProShift since they first announced at Interbike last year. And unfortunately, we haven’t been able to sync up on a review yet (due to timing issues on our side). That doesn’t mean we aren’t still super excited by the product, though. Two weeks ago, ProShift announced new FSA K-Force WE Groupset Support, adding to their already supposed Di2, eTAP, and EPS.

Kuat Mini Skinny Cargo Tray

For those not traveling to transition in an SUV, truck, or hatchback, space can definitely be an issue. Kuat gets this and has introduced the new Mini Skinny. Offering the extra capacity afforded by a rooftop cargo box, the Mini Skinny’s slim profile offers a much greater level of versatility, retaining up to 50-percent of usable crossbar space while still providing a loadable footprint of nearly 24 square feet.

In addition to a built-in fairing, the Mini Skinny also integrates a 9×100 millimeter fork mount for extra packing flexibility. At 60.5 inches long by 23.875 inches wide, the Mini Skinny ships fully assembled and is expandable with the purchase of the Mini Skinny Extender, which lengthens the tray by 14 inches. Currently available for pre-order, the Mini Skinny will retail for $295 and will begin shipping in September.

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