Garmin Varia Vision – First Look

The Garmin Varia rearview radar is one of the coolest products we have tested in a while. If you have been keeping up with our Week in Reviews, you know that we have been having a blast testing it. What’s more, we’ve honestly felt like we are riding with a whole new level of protection with the Varia. But it does have one fault – you have to look down at your computer to see what’s coming behind you. But with products like the Recon Jet and the Kopin Solos bringing wearables front and center, a solution had to be just around the corner.

Varia Vision

Apparently that corner has been rounded. Garmin is now offering up their vision of what a wearable cycling computer looks like. Varia Vision attaches to the sunglasses you already own and displays key data from a compatible device, including performance data, turn-by-turn directions, incoming smart notifications and more. When paired with the Varia rearview radar system, Varia Vision warns users of traffic approaching from behind.

Varia Vision features eight hours of always-on battery life and a glove and wet-weather-friendly touch panel to rotate between data displays. Its adaptable mounting allows it to attach on a glasses frame with a fully adjustable arm and eyepiece for optimum display positioning. Varia Vision features a weatherproof design and weighs approximately only one ounce (29.7grams) for maximum comfort. It’s integrated ambient light sensor and color display also helps to ensure readability in all conditions.

Varia Vision connects with a compatible Edge device for integrated, customizable data screens to easily view performance stats and turn-by-turn prompts, including distance-to-turn plus street name and directional arrows. Vision also features vibration alerts for performance, navigation, or cycling awareness prompts, as well as incoming smart notifications allowing riders to receive alerts for incoming calls, texts, and more—all without taking your eyes off the road. For those looking to partake, Varia Vision will begin shipping in Q1 and is available for $399.99

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  1. No love for 920XT users? :p Interesting. Hopefully they could also integrate with multisport as these displays could also be useful for the run leg (and in training). No more flicking the wrist during running.

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