11-22-2015 WiR

Even though it’s the off season, this week was a big training block for the AeroGeeks team. Truth be told, it’s not because we needed the training miles. No, it’s really just so we can justify all the Thanksgiving treats we plan on enjoying over the next few days.

For those who aren’t fitting in a few extra workouts to prepare for next week’s gluttony, we hope you enjoyed our thoughts on Headsweats’ Tempo Visor and Louis Garneau’s Tri-400. Both saw plenty of action during the 2015 tri season.

This Week’s Posts

Tuesday – Louis Garneau Tri-400 – Review

Wednesday – Headsweats Women’s Temp Visor – Review

Readers’ Rides

For those who are new to AeroGeeks.com, one of our favorite ways to showcase our readers is our Readers’ Rides album on Facebook. This week we shared James’s Giant Bicycles Trinity Alliance featuring a Shimano Dura-ace 7800 group set and pedals (except for SRAM red 167.5 crank). Jame’s steed also features a HED base bar with Vision extensions, ISM Adamo Time Trial saddle and HED aero wheels.


You can check out our entire collection at http://on.fb.me/12jEqE3. If you would like to have your bike featured in our album, just tweet us at @AeroGeeksFacebook message us, get us on Instagram, or email us at info@AeroGeeks.com. Don’t forget to also follow #agreadersrides on Instagram as well!

The Blaze Burner Light

A few weeks ago we shared Blaze’s Laserlight – a light meant to revolutionize bike safety and visibility. Now Blaze has introduced their new Burner light.


Built to pair with the Blaze Laserlight, the Burner emits an impressive 100 lumens and uses a large spread of 24 LEDs to achieve over 180 degrees of visibility, and incorporates features such as:

  • intelligent, on-board ambient light sensor for automatic operation
  • full month of battery life in standard urban usage
  • secure magnetic snap-bracket that allows for easy attachment/removal
  • waterproof, diamond-cut aluminum casing
  • magnetic charging port/cable


Head over to their KickStarter page if you want to find out more and stay tuned for a full review in the coming months!

Recon Jet Update – Rx Inserts

We’ve been getting our first rides in with the Recon Jet over the last couple weeks (check out our reviews section below). And while talking to the Recon team as part of our feedback process, they clued us in to an update for the Recon system. Recon has partnered with Rochester Optical to deliver the first prescription inserts for Recon Jet. Jet is not designed to fit over other eyewear, which presents a challenge for users who normally wear prescription glasses. Rochester Optical’s prescription insert allows those users to take full advantage of Recon Jet smart eyewear for the first time.


Rochester Optical’s prescription insert features a minimalistic design and a user-friendly mounting mechanism to best complement Recon Jet’s modular design. Users can already swap in optional accessory lenses and spare batteries on the go, and Rochester Optical’s insert follows in the same vein: clip the insert into the device to experience premium visual acuity and comfort.

Current Reviews 

Recon Jet

The Recon Jet has been one of the most covered products on AeroGeeks.com, and we are finally getting to put a pair through its paces. The biggest question we have received is just how distracting is the display? The answer is, surprisingly, not at all. For the first 15 minutes of our first ride we kept checking it out. However, once the workout got going, we quickly forgot it was there—until we wanted to check our data—and then we never had to move our head. We simply glanced down and the data was right there.


Garmin Varia

The Varia is hands down one of the coolest products we have used in a very long time. Having a rear radar display warn us against cars coming up from behind completely changes the way we ride. We trusted it after only a few rides, which was definitely a comforting feeling. Next up on the testing schedule is to see how it behaves when another rider is riding off our wheel.


Bontrager Flare R 

Bontrager tells us you can see the Flare R as far as 2 km away, and while we haven’t figured out how to test that yet, we can tell you that it certainly makes you stand out in the day or night. The only challenge so far is that the mount is made for more standard round tube or shallow frames, so we haven’t been able to get it directly mounted to our Shiv. The good news is that the Flare R does come with a shirt clip that we can easily clip to a jersey pocket.


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