9-7-2015 WiR

One week to Interbike! Make sure to let us know what products you’d like us to check out. We are hard at work making sure we make the most of every minute, spending time with the latest and greatest products. The team will be out there Monday – Wednesday next week, so check in each night for our coverage. And of course make sure you are following us on Instagram as we roam the show floor.


This last week we took a look at Giro’s new Chrono Apparel line and the HED Cycling Jet Black. We are planning to see both first-hand in Vegas next week.


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This Week’s Posts

Tuesday – HED Cycling Jet Black – First Look

Friday – Giro Chrono Apparel Line – First Look

Dash Cycles Gretchen 25

We love Dash Cycles products. Although it’s not because they’re the most affordable (far from it!), but because they, like Silca, are on the thin line of where art meets functionality. The Tri.7 and TT.9 are some of the most lust worthy and lightest saddles on the market. And the same can be said for their new Gretchen 25 disc.

AeroGeeks - Dash Cycles - Gretchen 25 - 4

The Gretchen 25 uses an unconventional non-bonded rim construction to drop the overall weight to 810g (while being 25mm wide) and also reduce the inertial mass over traditional methods. The hub and rim sections are connected in a singular uninterrupted piece.

AeroGeeks - Dash Cycles - Gretchen 25 - 5


SBR’s TriSwim line was one of the first products we reviewed here at AeroGeeks, and it remains a go-to product to this day. SBR has now introduced a skincare line to compliment their hair care products. DERMASPORT is formulated to bring the pH balance back into the skin, exfoliate dead skin (and help to regrow new), add vitamins topically, moisturize with natural humectants, fade sunspots, and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.


DERMASPORT is a four-step daily skincare regimen, designed to treat and protect the delicate facial skin to protect it from environmental damage. The regimen starts with their Athletic Facial Cleanser. Next up are the Athletic Clarifying Toner Mist and the Athletic Age Defense Moisturizer. Finally comes the Athletic Moisturizing Eye Cream. All together, the line is meant to do for your face what TriSwim does for your hair – bring it back to a state similar to that before you ever found triathlon. Lucky for our skin, SBR already has samples being shipped out to us. Stay tuned for our review.




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