HED Cycling Jet Black – First Look

While there are still many a weight weenie to be found in transition, the reality is that aero, not weight, is the factor that should be most accounted for when buying new equipment (Cervelo has shared some great reasoning behind this). And this updated way of thinking has breathed a strong breath of fresh air into alloy rims combined with carbon fairings. Because while they may not be as feather light as their full carbon clincher brethren, an alloy rim has a few benefits of their own. And no one knows that better then HED Cycling.


The HED Jet Black

With their Jet Black line, HED has taken their well-established 25mm-wide Jet Plus line of wheels and added a new braking surface—Turbine Braking Technology. The result is a super-clean, all-black appearance and increased brake performance—about 25% shorter stopping distances in dry conditions, or 70% shorter stopping distances in wet conditions.  Additionally, the consistency of stopping distances has improved by nearly a factor of five.


Black is available on the Jet 4, 6, 9 and Disc. The Jet 4 features a 46mm depth, weighs 1,630g for the set and is available for $2,100.


The Jet 6 is 60mm deep and weighs in at 1,673g for the set. Like the 4, it retails for $2,100.


The Jet 9 jumps you to a 90mm depth at a weight of 1,795g for the set. The cost bumps slightly to $2,200.


Finally there is the Jet Disc with a bulged lenticular design and extra-wide brake track. Like the rest of the Jet Black line, the Disc features a width of 25mm and weighs in at 1,210g.


Our Thoughts

We admit, we are a little late to the party on this one. The Jet Black series was introduced in the fall of 2014, but that doesn’t make them any less worth talking about. Anything that helps us hold our speed longer into the turnaround point is something that we are going to take notice of. And while we may do absolutely everything to avoid hitting the brakes on race day, on training rides, cars, stop signs, and traffic signals make tapping the brakes a completely unavoidable event. And if we are going to stop, we want to know we have the products that help us do it safer and faster. And the Jet Black does just that, while looking totally bad ass in the process. That’s a win-win if we have ever heard one.

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  1. man those must be some fun wheels to test out. also love how Steve used to stand by his people when they was down (Lance when he had cancer… before a doper). now if I can win the lottery and get 2 sets of HED Wheels I be all set. thank you for posting this

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